What to look forward to!

Meticulously taking apart all the information we have and judging from the end credits title cards we can make a pretty accurate look at the coming episodes. 

Episode 5: “Fireflash”

Tomorrow of course the remake of “Trapped in the Sky”, namely “Fireflash” (which apparently will feature Barry Gray’s Fireflash Landing theme at the appropriate moment so look forward to that! 

Episode 6: “Unplugged”

As featured in “Reggie & Thunderbirds” we’ll see Thunderbird 2 crash into London during an EMP. As the title would suggest this is probably a story about International Rescue having to save people without the use of electricity. 

Episode 7: “Runaway”

This frame from the end credits has been said to be from this episode as are the shots of the Japanese looking settings from the “Introducing the World” teaser video. 

Episode 8: “EOS”

This is also a frame grab from “Reggie & Thunderbirds” and will probably be a John-centric episode. 

Episode 9: “Slingshot”

This frame from the end credits and these scenes of a huge Sidewinder type craft suggest that Thunderbird 3 will go off-planet or onto an asteroid to save miners in outer space. 

(Nothing so far has been revealed of Episode 10: “Skyhook”)

Episode 11: “Under Pressure”

Thunderbird 4 must save a type of underwater crablogger in this episode which apparently features a character from a previous episode. 

Episode 12: “Heavy Metal”

Not a lot is known about this episode apart from that this end credits frame is from this episode and it boasts a very unusual use for a Thunderbird craft. 

Episode 13: “Tunnels of Time”

Another end credits frame for this episode. This episode is rumoured to see the return of another voice actor from the original cast. Also, this episode is apparently not about time travel. Thank God. 

After this these 13 episodes will go into rerun and following that shall continue with episodes 14 through 26 until Christmas