Steam Crab Legs

It’s easy:

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When I buy all the ingredients to make delicious feasts! (With plenty of research for the best way to make each dish)

But everything I’ve been craving lately is none of the stuff I bought.

Then when I’m ready to make planned meal, all I’m missing is the one ingredient I used for something else that I’m not driving 3 miles to the grocery store to get.

Wash. Rinse, Repeat.

Shrimp & Crab Leg boils. 🍤🦀💃🏻😍 We improvised this BOMB sauce to put over everything this weekend and holy shiz. BEST thing ever!! I usually just season everything in the boil and we eat them as is because they’re so good just like that, but after making the sauce, I don’t think we will ever be going back. We decided to try to make a sauce to put over it after going to this amazing restaurant called King Cajun Crawfish on Mills in downtown Orlando, but I can honestly say that I think ours came out better, and that’s saying so much because theirs is unbelievably delicious.( If you live in central Florida and want to have crazy good seafood, you have to try this place. They are beyond reasonably priced, too.) #shrimp #crablegs #seafood #shellfish #seafoodboil #seafoodshabang #shabangsauce #foodporn #yum

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