Also I just noticed…

Jack kinda looks halfway angry like “God damn it Crow how dare you cause a scene and hurt yourself even more yOU STUPID BIRDFACE STOP THIS I CARE ABOUT YOU”

And Yusei just looks like he’s internally screaming and doesn’t know what to do “Do I hold him? What if he breaks? Oh god I don’t want to break Crow. What if hiS ARM FALLS OFF? HOLY STARDUST WHAT DO I DO???”

And Bruno there in the back between Crow’s hair is just “shit did I leave the oven on?”


and this is how you get yourself a Death God
you punch his freaking lights out

honestly though, Kiryu’s physical health must be pretty weak if a simply punch like that just knocks him right out. Like, Security did worse to him than that and he was still conscious through it all. This man needs some serious help, rest and food I could go into detail because I’m trash when it’s about Kiryu but I’m tired so I’ll leave it at this