Crispy Jumbo Lump Crab Wontons

Crispy Jumbo Lump Crab Wontons

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True story: before The Cheesecake Factory became accessible in my area, I used to drive damn near an hour to the nearest one just to have their insanely delicious crab wontons. My whole life, I’d order crab rangoon from local Chinese food spots and they would literally deliver fried wonton wrappers filled with cream cheese. Where the hell was the crab?? I could barely taste it, I couldn’t even…

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On it: crab meat, minced red and green bell peppers, green onions, ginger, garlic, wonton wraps, carrots and cucumber pickles, and sweet chili plum sauce.

I first dipped one side of the wontons, it was crispy but at the same time, it was soft and creamy on the other side of my mouth. I barely tasted the bell peppers, the ginger and garlic, but I did taste the green onions. To me the sauce was more sweet than spicy. And the carrot and cucumber on the side were great to have.

Type of cuisine: American Chinese.

Location: P.F. Chang’s, a restaurant located between NW 12th Ave and NW Couch.

Price: $6.95.


Trying to catch up now…. last weekend, we went to the Yuexiu in search of a wonton noodle place that Mrs. RHHOG read about.  After getting there, we literally ordered, paid, sat down, and food came out about 2 minutes after that.

This wonton noodles is more like what you get in HK.  Since the bowls are not too big, we got one regular shrimp based, one crab meat based, and then a beef noodles to try out.  The shrimp based wontons tasted really good, but the real star is the crab meat based one.  They actually put crab roe in the wonton filling as well, so it’s quite good.  Adds a bit of saltiness to the sweet meat mixture.

So, overall… I say, it’s very good and very very fast!  We were literally in and out in less than 20 minutes!


These were so easy to make! Doubled the recipe, so half a red bell pepper; chopped, two inches of ginger; chopped, a big handful of cilantro; chopped, salt to taste, two cans of crab meat, 60 wonton wrappers, and vegetable oil (or they said peanut oil which I would like to try!)

1. Oil, ginger and pepper in a pan on high for 30 good seconds. 
2. Pull pan off heat and stir in cilantro
3. Throw in krabmeat and salt to taste
4. This is where we didn’t follow recipe standards, and threw a block of cream cheese into the pan. Put the heat on low to melt the cream cheese, threw in the rest of ginger I had chopped (got over zealous with the ginger), and some sugar because I was pretty sure I had previously over salted the krab.
5. Assembly-Line! Bowl of water (from now on I will use eggwhites), took all my wrappers out, which wasn’t smart.. The wonton wrappers dry out extremely fast, so unless your ready to use an im-promt-to assembly line I dont recommend spreading them all out. And filled the wrappers with a ½ a teaspoon, then folded the edges over and used my fingers/finger nails dipped in water to soften and stamp the edges of the wonton. 
6. Placed (because throwing them in a pan of hot oil splashed David) wontons in frying pan while david flipped them until they a lovely fried brown in color.

We used a sweet red chili sauce for dipping which next time I would like to make/change.

Such a fun recipe and everything smelled so good! Can’t go wrong with ginger and cilantro. 

February 14, 2014. 5:25pm.

a fry-day kind of friday!

wonton wrappers can do many things!

1. cream cheese & crab rangoons.
cream cheese, minced garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, black pepper, imitation crab meat.

2. cream cheese & strawberry preserve rangoons with powdered sugar.

(includes egg wash)


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