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"Candles" micro-prompt for your dance AU? :)

RETURN OF FLUFF!!! :D I am so excited, I can’t even tell you :D This was a delightful prompt and I thank you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :D

Pairing: Cullen/Ellana Lavellan (Modern AU/dance!fic)

Prompt: Candles

It had been a long day at the orphanage and Ellana was ready to put on pajamas, flop on the couch, and catch up on the latest episode of yet another dance competition show she had found. She stepped up to her apartment door, reached into her purse for the keys, and stuffed them clumsily into the lock. Gears churned slowly and the latch released, letting her inside

Some lights were already on and she stopped to look around, confused.

Having heard her walk through the front door, Cullen peeked around the corner.

“You’re home! Good,” he said and stepped towards her. He was wearing her excessively ruffled apron and it looked ridiculously small on him. “I made dinner.”

Without another word, he took her hand and lead her toward the living room where her coffee table was set for two, complete with wine glasses and a single scented candle. The label proudly read Redwood Forest and the scent made her incredibly homesick for Wycome.

“I made stir fry and crab wontons. Your favorite,” he continued, while pushing her lightly onto the couch.

Ellana sat there, completely shocked into silence for several moments.

“What’s the occasion?” she asked, her voice cracking.

Cullen sat down next to her and wove his hand around her waist; it was warm and comforting.

“No occasion,” he said with a soft smile. “Your text messages told me you were having a bad day so I wanted to do something to change that.”

All she could do was stare at him, disbelieving.

“How was I able to get the best man in all of Thedas?” she asked, her eyes wide and brimming with unshed tears.

He leaned over and gently kissed her temple. It was sweet, and simple, and it completely unmade her.

“You let me step on your feet, love,” he whispered against her cheek.

She grinned at him through tears. Perhaps her day would turn out alright after all.

A little teaser thingy

I have plans, but I will try to sneak some time on the laptop so that I can post the first chapter of a new fic at some point during the weekend.

In the meantime, please enjoy this teaser from the completely unbeta’d (for the moment) and not quite finished first chapter of “Boyfriend Material”.

“Hi, honey!  We’re home!” Mary called out as she, John, and Sherlock bustled through the front door of the Watson home.  

Molly handed Rosie another block to add to her precariously balanced tower, then stood up and stretched out the random kinks that tended to appear when one spent a prolonged period of time playing on the floor with a toddler.  “Please tell me you’ve brought the food?”

“Double order of cashew shrimp, a pair of summer rolls, an order of crab cheese wontons, and extra peanut sauce.  As requested.”  John hefted several plastic bags emblazoned with the logo of the Chinese place Sherlock favoured.  “Not that I’m judging, but that seems like an awful lot of food, Molly.”

“That sounds like judging.  Doesn’t that sound like judging?” Mary teased as she hung up her jacket.

Molly hurried to take the bags from John so he could take his coat off.  “Did Sherlock get anything for himself?”

Sherlock rolled his eyes as John shook his head.  

“I ordered extra because someone tends to be a wonton thief.”  She giggled at her own joke, to the point that it threatened to turn into a small, not-at-all ladylike snort.  “Get it?  Wonton, like wanton, but …  No? Just me?”

“Molly,” Sherlock rumbled, but it lacked any real censor.  She thought she caught a glimpse of amusement in his expression before he took the bags from her and headed toward the kitchen.

Batfamily Favourite foods (dishes)

Alfred: Fish and Chips, the good old British cuisine

Bruce: Classic steak and veg, with a peppercorn sauce.

Selina: Crab wontons with noodles

Dick: Stuffed crispy baked onion rings, his guilty pleasure

Jason: All spicy Mexican dishes, especially chilli, the spicier the better

Helena: Steak Frites, much like her father yet more unhealthy than her father.

Stephanie: Ham and cheese toastie, just what you need after a long patrol

Cassandra: garlicky lemon shrimp

Tim: Chicago style hot dog

Damian: roast pepper salad

Harper: Pizza, pepperoni with extra extra cheese

Duke: Beef burger, Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, gherkin, red onion slaw and ketchup

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I love your writing so much, you are bomb af. Can you maybe make a master list of all of your style fics? Like one shots? Lord knows I need some more of that in my life

Yes, thank you for asking! So glad to know you’re enjoying the Style stories. I think a list of Style one-shots that I’ve done would be handy, so here you go: I’ll start with the 30 Days stories and will try to come up with some jaunty new summaries.

I Can’t Breathe - Stan gives Kyle a harp, kisses him on Halloween

I’m Dating Someone Older - Kyle comes out to Stan by screening A Single Man for him

I’m Competitive With My Best Friend - Kyle is a wedding planner and Stan is his videographer boyfriend

I Have Embarrassing Parents - Stan comes out to Randy, Kyle takes a bath

I Live a Double Life - Kyle loses his job, Stan is a personal trainer who used to play for the Arizona Cardinals

I’m Having a Summer Romance - Stan brings water balloons to the hospital for Kyle

Something Infinite - Stan and Kyle spend prom night in the honeymoon suite at the Grand Canyon Lodge

Boxing Day - Stan has ear damage from a car accident, Kyle worries he will replace Garrison as the mayor of Shooters

The Long Kiss Goodnight - Stan and Kyle are clones of the original South Park versions; they live in space

Worst Christmas Ever - Awaiting his replacement arm, Stan reunites with Kyle after a fight

The Reformation of Fart Boy - South Park has been very hard on Kyle, fortunately he has Stan

Encore - Kyle loses his virginity to Stan on the Fourth of July in part because he wore some alluring shorts

Theories of Empowerment - Kyle makes up creative food metaphors for his friends’ cocks (but only actually handles Stan’s)

Holiday Hair Removal - Stan infiltrates Craig’s waxing parlor and nearly costs Kyle his Frequent Customer Rewards Card

Toward the End of Time - Stan and Kyle broke up years ago after tragedy struck but Stan is saving some special wood for Kyle’s coffee table

Farm to Table - Kyle has sex with a zucchini that Stan grew, then reconnects with Stan in the old treehouse

Craggy Mountaintown - Stan and Kyle are informally banished from society after Kyle loses his shit at a town meeting

Resurrection Blues - Stan and Kyle host a pizza party during a manhunt for an escaped serial killer

Paper Crowns and Waverunners - Stan saves the day at Kyle’s bar mitzvah and other birthday-related events

Sleepover - Kyle seduces Stan with his nipples and compulsive thumb-sucking

Pidgin Sign Language - Kyle tells Stan his ass is not a sacred cavern (spoiler, it actually is)

Titmice of Colorado - Stan and Kyle squander the opportunity for extra credit, instead have sex in a wooded glen

A Lifetime Supply of Crab Wontons - Kyle’s P.F. Chang’s prize money haunts him; Stan comforts him

Friday Night - Stan is nervous about football, but Kyle thinks Stan is a superstar

Several Rejected Marriage Proposals - Kyle has a sex-induced meltdown in earshot of Bizarro World Stan; actual Stan weeps

A Fine Frenzy - Young newlyweds Stan and Kyle blow all their money on a honeymoon in Disney World

Prepare to Be Harshley Teased by the Waitstaff - Stan and Kyle negotiate their long distance relationship over brunch at Babs; Kyle wanders the Margaret Mitchell Museum in tears


So that’s a lot, but doing this list made me remember the things about these shorter fics that make me happy. I needed that right now — thank you again for your ask <3


On it: crab meat, minced red and green bell peppers, green onions, ginger, garlic, wonton wraps, carrots and cucumber pickles, and sweet chili plum sauce.

I first dipped one side of the wontons, it was crispy but at the same time, it was soft and creamy on the other side of my mouth. I barely tasted the bell peppers, the ginger and garlic, but I did taste the green onions. To me the sauce was more sweet than spicy. And the carrot and cucumber on the side were great to have.

Type of cuisine: American Chinese.

Location: P.F. Chang’s, a restaurant located between NW 12th Ave and NW Couch.

Price: $6.95.


Trying to catch up now…. last weekend, we went to the Yuexiu in search of a wonton noodle place that Mrs. RHHOG read about.  After getting there, we literally ordered, paid, sat down, and food came out about 2 minutes after that.

This wonton noodles is more like what you get in HK.  Since the bowls are not too big, we got one regular shrimp based, one crab meat based, and then a beef noodles to try out.  The shrimp based wontons tasted really good, but the real star is the crab meat based one.  They actually put crab roe in the wonton filling as well, so it’s quite good.  Adds a bit of saltiness to the sweet meat mixture.

So, overall… I say, it’s very good and very very fast!  We were literally in and out in less than 20 minutes!


These were so easy to make! Doubled the recipe, so half a red bell pepper; chopped, two inches of ginger; chopped, a big handful of cilantro; chopped, salt to taste, two cans of crab meat, 60 wonton wrappers, and vegetable oil (or they said peanut oil which I would like to try!)

1. Oil, ginger and pepper in a pan on high for 30 good seconds. 
2. Pull pan off heat and stir in cilantro
3. Throw in krabmeat and salt to taste
4. This is where we didn’t follow recipe standards, and threw a block of cream cheese into the pan. Put the heat on low to melt the cream cheese, threw in the rest of ginger I had chopped (got over zealous with the ginger), and some sugar because I was pretty sure I had previously over salted the krab.
5. Assembly-Line! Bowl of water (from now on I will use eggwhites), took all my wrappers out, which wasn’t smart.. The wonton wrappers dry out extremely fast, so unless your ready to use an im-promt-to assembly line I dont recommend spreading them all out. And filled the wrappers with a ½ a teaspoon, then folded the edges over and used my fingers/finger nails dipped in water to soften and stamp the edges of the wonton. 
6. Placed (because throwing them in a pan of hot oil splashed David) wontons in frying pan while david flipped them until they a lovely fried brown in color.

We used a sweet red chili sauce for dipping which next time I would like to make/change.

Such a fun recipe and everything smelled so good! Can’t go wrong with ginger and cilantro.