Snow Crab Recipe

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This delicious sushi roll is made with soft shell crab with lettuce ,red pepper,

and okonomiyaki sauce rolled with nori (seaweed paper) from the inside.

The outside layer has got sushi rice and masago fish eggs topped

with avocado and musterd cress.All recipes are on:


Here is a nice video of how to make:

Sushi Roll soft shell crab tempura

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You like to eat fresh crab made with tempura , fried the rolled together

with avocado , paprika(red pepper) ,lettuce with seaweed paper (nori).Here you have the : Soft Shell Crab Roll

The outsite layer is sushi-rice topped with masago fish eggs , avocado

and some leaves of musterd cress.The whole recipe how to make this soft shell crab roll you can find on: