crab skull

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I see your icon the wrong way, and it looks like one of those swimmy crabs with a skull on its butt.

I mean that’s almost a description of what’s happening here (it’s a crab with a big fat Sacculina parasite hanging off its underside, kept in place by its folded-over abdomen)!

The Signs As Shit I Found On The Beach
  • Aries: a pizza box with a piece of moldy pizza in it
  • Taurus: a very tiny nail
  • Gemini: a pizza box with Two pieces of moldy pizza in it
  • Cancer: a full pack of cigarettes in the claws of a crab
  • Leo: a human skull painted blue
  • Virgo: a friendly dog with no home
  • Libra: a poopie
  • Scorpio: a Man with No Name
  • Sagittarius: bugs
  • Capricorn: a folding chair with no home
  • Aquarius: a rotten egg
  • Pisces: danny devito covered in hand sanitizer
Forget About Me

by Pablo Neruda

Among the things the sea throws up,
let us hunt for the most petrified,
violet claws of crabs,
little skulls of dead fish,
smooth syllables of wood,
small countries of mother-of-pearl;
let us look for what the sea undid
insistently, carelessly,
what it broke up and abandoned,
and left behind for us.

Petals crimped up,
cotton from the tidewash,
useless sea-jewels,
and sweet bones of birds
still in the poise of flight.

The sea washed up its tidewrack,
the air played with the sea-things;
when there was sun, it embraced them,
and time lives close to the sea,
counting and touching what exists.

I know all the algae,
the white eyes of the sand,
the tiny merchandise
of the tides in autumn,
and I walk with the plump pelican,
building its soaking nests,
sponges that worship the wind,
shelves of undersea shadow,
but nothing more moving
than the vestiges of shipwrecks —
the smooth abandoned beams
gnawed by the waves
and disdained by death.

Let us look for secret things
somewhere in the world,
on the blue shore of silence
or where the storm has passed,
rampaging like a train.
There the faint signs are left,
coins of time and water,
debris, celestial ash
and the irreplaceable rapture
of sharing in the labour
of solitude and the sand.



I put together another small give-away to say thank you to all you lovely and supportive people.

The rules:

You must be a follower
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Likes and reblogs both count and you may do so as much as you like
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I will pick a winner on APRIL 1ST, 2014.

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A small partial mouse skull
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Thanks and happy liking/reblogging!