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Lowbloods Overwatchstuck Roles and Abilities

Aradia Megido - Defense (Medium Range)

Rawhide Whip

  • Aradia can use her whip to strike and pull enemies closer


  • Using her whip, Aradia can latch onto and swing from certain obstacles, allowing her to travel quickly across maps, and deal damage to foes by landing on them


  • Using her time gauntlet, Aradia can temporarily suspend enemies in action and leave them vulnerable to attack

Time Bomb

  • Aradia’s bombs are equipped with timers she can set so she and only she knows when they will go off once they’ve been planted or thrown. Can be utilized for chain explosions.

ULT: Decay

  • Aradia can charge her gauntlet to freeze multiple enemies in place and wind the gauntlet’s timeline clock forward, rapidly leaching away their health within the five seconds they are frozen

Tavros Nitram - Tank

Jousting Lance

  • A heavy lance ideal for charging

Dagger Lance

  • A smaller version of his regular lance for close quarters

Rocket Chair

  • Allows paralyzed Tavros to move around at ground level and can be used to charge enemies, knocking them aside and pinning the first in his path on the end of his lance


  • Tavros can deploy eggs that will hatch into small to medium sized monsters for his ult attack. The eggs explode as they hatch, acting as small bombs, and up to three can be deployed at once

ULT: Commune

  • Animal mind control used on the hatched monsters, Tavros can direct the creatures into organized attack patterns to rush foes. The monsters have a rapidly degrading lifespan of seven seconds before turning into dust

Sollux Captor - Offense (Medium/Long Range)

Psiionic Blasters

  • Twin hand-cannons unleash blue and red bursts of psiionic energy with a wide blast radius


  • Sollux can deploy a grenade that bursts harmlessly upon impact and releases a drove of not so harmless electronic bees that will track targets and explode


  • Using his psiionics, Sollux is the only player that can freely fly, able to levitate and move through the air

ULT: Doomsday

  • Rising high, Sollux can unleash a continuous barrage of psiionic energy blasts, raining chaos from above

Karkat Vantas - Defense (Melee/Medium Range)

Claw Sickle

  • Jagged, crab-claw shaped sickles ideal for close range melee

Carcinogen Bomb

  • Sticky bombs that when landing on a player will leach their health for five seconds before exploding. Can be shaken off with effort.

Blood Barrier

  • A combination of a wide shield and Karkat’s cursed luck that draws and deflects fire away from teammates, sending projectiles hurtling back towards the attacker


  • Karkat can sacrifice his own health and evenly redistribute it to his teammates by activating his PULSE bracelet

Nepeta Leijon - Offense (Melee/Medium Range)

Claw Gloves

  • Glove equipped at the knuckles with long, barbed, blue claws for slashing and jabbing


  • Nepeta can forcefully eject the claws from her gloves and send them flying into opponents directly in front of her


  • Nepeta can use her claws and steel spikes in the toes of her shoes to scale walls and pounce on enemies from above

ULT: Cat’s Eye

  • Using her tracking visor Nepeta can lock onto a target and use a charged dash to run and jump alongside walls to reach them, her momentum making for a critical blow when she lands

Kanaya Maryam - Defense (Melee/Medium Range)

Demonbane Ragripper

  • Kanaya’s chainsaw, the chain of which has long, jagged teeth ideal for ripping and tearing into opponents in close quarters. Requires a brief startup.

Cloth Snare

  • A deployable trap that when trespassed by an enemy will snatch them up by the ankle and leave them vulnerable to attack. The trap can have a life up to seven seconds if the ensnared player doesn’t struggle.


  • Kanaya can instantly surround herself in a thickly woven cocoon of silk to shield herself from attacks and regenerate health, as well as providing cover for teammates

ULT: Reanimate

  • When killed, Kanaya has a window in which she can respawn in the same place she died and drink from one of her “potions”, providing her with a 15% speed and damage boost