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“Shiny” is honestly such a Taako-esque song like my friend was talking about how he could totally perform that number in Moana and I told her “Taako’s not a crab” and my friend replied with “Taako can shapeshift”

taako was in moana confirmed


introducing a happy friendly mascot of the fandom. after some deliberation people came together and suggested some names for our wonderful Space Crab. I can reveal that the winner is……… :

Jimbob Eugene Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe (shorthand: J.E.H. Wimbleton Smythe)

The Space Crab is an honorary member of the Wimbleton Smythe family, rumour has it the Space Crab even appears on the official family crest of arms!! 

  • Space Crab hopes you have a fun experience in the fandom!
  • Space Crab supports you! 
  • Space Crab wishes you every happiness and success! 
  • Space Crab thinks you’re awesome! 

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Dave n jade hanging out?


1. The habitat- The entire Kritter Keeper is a horrible habitat. It does not hold the needed 80% humidity (which is needed by the hermit crab to breathe through its modified gills) and 80 F temperature. Gauges are needed to monitor these conditions and need to be digital for accuracy. Plus, that space is WAY too small. A 10 gallon tank AT LEAST is needed. A crab kept like this will slowly suffocate.

2. Substrate-  A minimum of 6 inches of moist, sandcastle-consistency substrate is needed for the hermit crab to dig down to molt. Gravel, colored sand, calci sand, etc are NOT suitable substrate. Unbleached playground sand, ecocearth, or a mixture of both is what is needed. A 5:1 ratios of playground sand to eco earth is best.  When a crab digs down NEVER dig him up. If a crab cannot properly molt, it will result in death.

3. Water- Where is the water? A hermit crabs needs declorinated  fresh and saltwater pools (prime and API are good declorinators). They do not ‘drink from a sponge’. Sponges should be thrown away as they harbor bacteria. Salt water needs to be made from marine grade salt such as Instant Ocean.

4. Food- Commercial food pellets are filled with chemicals that are unsafe for crabs. Hermit crabs can eat whole, pesticide-free foods. Unseasoned meats, fresh fruits and veggies, unseasoned cooked eggs, cuttlebone, etc are all examples of foods a hermit crab needs. Plus they like variety- not the same thing everyday.

5.Shells- Painted shells are TOXIC.The paint can chip off and the crab may eat it which can result in fatality. At least 3 natural shells per crab should be offered. Also, knowing which type of shells the species of crab you have helps.

6. Pesticides- NEVER spray any kind of bug spray, air freshener, or chemicals  of any kind near your crabs. If it harms bugs it will also harm your crabs. 

7.Friends- Don’t buy just one. Hermit crabs are social creatures. Keeping them in solitude can stress them out.