crab armor


Chex Mix?  Tex Mex??  No, crab mechs!


I love how the top crab has both reactive armor and spare bogey wheels–doesn’t that seem kind of redundant??


The Yuuzhan Vong Yun Yammka Warrior Caste in Vonduun Skerr Kyrric (crab armor). Image courtesy of Chris Scalf.

Each caste of the Yuuzhan Vong has a patron/matron god/goddess. The Warrior caste patron god is “Yun Yammka” - the god of war.

Since all technology is biological, the Master Shaper caste created living weapons without metal for the Warrior caste. 

The Warrior caste had living crab armor - Vonduun Skerr Kyrric - that was resistant to small blaster arms and lightsaber strikes. It is believed there were 4-5 major “crab plates” that would be set on the body and the armor would crawl into position. Moreover, the armor was genetically imprinted to the Warrior so that no one could claim the armor to use it. 

The gauntlet spines were an outcropping of the crabs and perhaps some parts of the Warriors themselves. Most tailored their side spines to their desires.

The back spines are an indication of rank. For each step up to rank, the Yuuzhan Vong Warriors would undergo a ceremony called “Escalation” were special “fin like creatures” would be clamped to their spines directly. In this ceremony, they dare not flinch or it would be a sign of weakness and unworthiness to be escalated. It would cause them to be demoted and shamed. Most Warriors were escalated with pride to their families or Domains.

The weapon given to them very early in life is the poisonous snake called the Amphistaff. A biot created for the Warriors by the Master Shaper caste. The Warriors nurtured their Amphistaffs as a sign from the Gods to yield protection and war. 

In another blog, discussion of Warrior thinking and strategy will be discussed.