crab and dumpling

Under the Sea

The commission for @yamadara87 this month! I hope you like it! If you’d like more of my writing, including a new Mystery and Shadow to be dropped tomorrow, check me out at my Patreon! 2012 words. 

Michiru Kaioh, whenever asked what she would like for her birthday, smiled and said she was too old for anything too dramatic, and that she would very likely go to dinner with Haruka, perhaps take in a play.

What she did not say was that mostly, she simply wished to be left alone.

The last party she remembered having was her 16th, thrown by her parents to fete her burgeoning womanhood, or so the story goes. It had been the same as all her parents’ other parties, with lavish decor, champagne flowing, a cake decorated in the most lavish and expensive way possible, floral arrangements with crystal details, live music, and all the empty fineries of the world.

The first party she remembered wanting was when she was four. She had wanted a Little Mermaid party, and her parents had agreed. For weeks, she had looked forward to seeing the bright haired singing mermaid atop her cake, with her loveable yellow and blue friend, and the grumpy crab that always made her laugh.

When the day came, her 4th birthday party varied precious little from her 16th, the only nod to Michiru’s request the decor on the cake, mermaids singing on the shoreline and even they invoked Waterhouse in smooth lines and soothing colors, with none of the technicolor glow that entranced Michiru’s little heart.

And so, on that day, she learned that birthday parties were never for her, and always for others, and she dropped them as soon as socially permissible.

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The Bao, NYC

Is it possible to get great xiao long bao outside of Chinatown?

Why yes, it is!

The Bao is a new Chinese spot that just opened up a few months back on St. Mark’s Place…

Specializing in… of course… soup dumplings!

You start ordering…

…and they keep stacking them up!

We went with three of their main varieties of xiao long bao last weekend, starting with the traditional “Kung Fu” pork dumplings…

Moving on to crab…

And finishing with the “super spicy”…

And I highly recommend that if you do visit The Bao, DO NOT MISS their Squashed Pepper & Eggplant appetizer…

Dumplings are having their moment, and The Bao puts them solidly in the spotlight!


13 St Marks Place

New York, NY 10003


Character Questionnaire | The Basics

Full name: Frederigo Nikolai Pierre
Nickname: Freddy, Derry, DD
Gender: Male
Age: 26
D.O.B: April 18, 1988
Nationality: Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago
Race: Black (Afro-Trinidadian)
Height: 6’1
Weight: 139 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair: 4C Texture. Mini dreads with shaved sides.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Siblings: Younger sister
Social Class: Lower to Upper
Zodiac: Aries
Tattoos/Scars: No/Yes
Current residence: West Village, NY / Downtown LA, California
Occupation: Photographer (his preference is street photography but his bread and butter is mostly fashion and still life photography)

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That time Jer and I stumbled upon…Shanghai Dumpling King

…as we were walking through the Richmond on our way back to my apartment after our walk through Land’s End

Shanghai Dumpling King has been on my radar for a while now. Given it’s location relative to where I live, I had never eaten here. It was such a pleasant surprise to randomly stumble upon it! Although we were still full from our meal at Yank Sing, jerjohns was such a trooper and agreed to indulge me in another meal (second lunch). 

Xiao long bao or soup dumplings. That’s what you get here. And they were magnificent. We had the fancy crab dumplings as well as the standard dumplings. Maybe not the plumpest I’ve had, but the skin was super thin and delicate and the meat was well flavored. The spicy chive and pork dumplings were also super delicious. I threw in some greens to be good. 

All of the food here is super affordable. Although the decor isn’t fancy by any means, it’s part of what I really enjoyed. And the seating is at large, basic round communal tables. Although it’s out of the way, this is totally worth the visit, especially if you love dumplings. It’s also a great opportunity to see a side of San Francisco that few tourists experience. 

Shanghai Dumpling King | 3319 Bilbao Street and 696 Monterey Blvd, San Francisco, CA


Dinner 12/8/2015: Gourmet Dumpling House, 52 Beach Street, Boston

Shared: Pork and crab xiao long bao, seafood dumplings, scallion pancake, pork xiao long bao.

Dinner before our Chris Botti concert. The restaurant itself is very cramped (probably not for the claustrophobic!), and we had to share a table with a couple of strangers, but when you taste the food, you understand why the place is so popular. The xiao long bao were juicy, and we enjoyed the crisp scallion pancakes, but we really liked the meaty seafood dumplings.