TSinktober Day 5 - Halloween Treat Pokemon!

Hermint, the frosty fresh crab pokemon - type: ice - abilities: shields down, snow warning

Where i live, halloween isn’t hugely celebrated - kids go trick or treating but it’s nothing like it is in America (and the rest of my family really isn’t big on it either) so I don’t have much halloween treat experience but I saw some really cute witch themed mint choc icecream cones and really wanted to use them as my theme for today!

Seaside Lessons

“Those are called Ironshell Crabs. I’ve read that cooking them into dishes can strengthen the body’s durability!”

“Is that so? Hylians certainly are a resourceful bunch. Still, I’d rather have my hardiness built in; not many enemies will let you take a snack break before battle, Princess.”

Holy crap there’s like 2k of you dorks following me now! Hope you like Zelda and Urbosa, cuz to celebrate after the cut I have both of these seperated into transparent stand alone images~ (Well, Urbosa’s alone - Zelda’s having a nice convo with the crab~). Love ya’ll!

PS: I love these designs but MY GOD SO MANY DETAILS EVERYWHERE!

Edit: Going to edit the backround colors later today probably~ keep looking at it and its just a bit off from what I want~ Done! more blue now to balance things out~

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