Octopus hunting


Chex Mix?  Tex Mex??  No, crab mechs!


I love how the top crab has both reactive armor and spare bogey wheels–doesn’t that seem kind of redundant??

crab emoji rates

i have an iphone so this is the classic boy i have come to know and love. he’s sort of realistic and gradient-heavy but i still love him. a real classic boy 7/10

this is definitely a crab, so you cant really go wrong there. something about him looks kind of off though 5/10

a cute and simple boy!!!! i love him look at his lil spots!! the line thickness needs to be toned down however 7.5/10

wow what a shiny boy!! similar to the samsung crab, but a nicer color and less unnatural looking 6/10

now this is a good crab! he’s pixely and cute!!! 9/10

he’s simple but not overly simple and not gradient-ridden like some of the other boys. good overall. 8/10

i feel like this crab knows something i don’t. tell us what you see o mighty crab 4/10

a simplistic crab, not too realistic but not too cartoony either. a cute boy! a wonderful boy! i trust him with my life 11/10

this crab stole my boyfriend, burned my crops, and robbed me 0/10


Crab scritches. Scritch responsibly.

Fun fact: If you stroke a crab along their ‘key’- their stomach, for a lack of a better term- they fall asleep. Most crabs don’t have necks per say, but I wonder if it works similarly. 

Also, if you happen to do it to a giant crab, just make sure the big thing doesn’t fall onto you when it falls asleep. 

Scritch responsibly.