Going into that big fight, few laughs before then ^_^;;;;;;  Best birthday evarrr, new ep, being able to draw for you all, yay! See you all next week EEP 0_0


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good things about That Scene

- “I answer the door, completely naked” is a line that will go down in history

- “Do you want talk before… or after?” if that first line didn’t make every perc’ahlia shipper explode with glee then this line sure did

-Percy literally forgot what he was going to say. You know he came up there with a speech prepared and ready and everything planned out and it took Vex 0.2 seconds to derail it all

-Like you can count the instances of “Speechless Percy” on one hand it is a wonder to behold

- “We start with courage”

- if we get a TPK tonight at least Percy won’t die a virgin