omg now i’m thinking of kent going for a run in the morning, before the heat of the desert spills over the mountains… pushing a fucking stroller with kit purrson in it?

like he keeps pace with all the moms, has a luxury brand stroller. they all flock to him in the hope that he’s single or at least willing to flirt (he is both). they peer into his carriage ready to say how cute his child is only to find a slightly tubby white cat staring balefully up at them from under her cat-sized bucket hat and sunglasses

Ashton spending time at the merch stand makes me think about him working in retail at like Hot Topic or something and just being so nice and enthusiastic, talking to every customer about their days or about their holidays, yoga techniques anything that he can think of to drum up a conversation and even offering his own stories to them just bc he loves people. He’d be so smiley and energetic and it would make people feel so welcomed and make them want to keep coming back. He’d end up befriending regular customers and getting in trouble for talking to them instead of folding t-shirts, but he wouldn’t care bc he managed to make people smile and that’s all he really cared about