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hi thereee so I have a question, ive seen a few vids of hobi giving the others massages and then that one recent vid with jimin and v where hobi was cracking their necks? is that like a thing that he knows how to do somehow cuz Id be scared of cracking someone elses neck xDD

Anon is talking about this video HERE

BTS in general ALWAYS give each other massages even if they already have masseurs who are present when they go on tour. But Jhope is VERY good at it (judging by the members expressions).

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Although it seems even he does have doubts  …  

BTW them giving eachother massages is an explosion of affection I LIVE for

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Revelation (M)

dom!jungkook (image cr. made in 1997)

“Come here.” his whispered words are slightly slurred from the glasses of alcohol he had consumed, yet somehow he still manages to have you slipping onto his lap. The cold leather of his pants meets your bare skin, eliciting a small gasp. He only smirks in response, his hand moving up your back and into your hair pulling you into a kiss.

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Ok, I’m not an English native speaker, so is kinda difficult for me to express something, but I’ll try my best

I’m a JiKook shipper, and as a shipper I’m commonly delulu, but I consider myself realistic and a little bit negative when it comes to ship
Lately JungKook’s attitude towards Jimin makes me think that it may be a real fixation over his hyung
It may be normal that when a person is talking you gaze him/her directly to his/her eyes, but what about gazing without necessary him/her talking and with all that adoration in your eyes?
I try to be realistic, maybe JungKook sees Jimin as a role model and maybe Jimin sees JungKook as a lovely donsaeng that reminds him to his younger brother
Actually, I don’t think Jimin is gay or bisexual, but I do doubt (specially lately) about JungKook’s sexuality
Then, if JungKook have a real fixation over Jimin, what kind would it be?
Does he really likes Jimin?
My sister says that every person goes through an stage that we don’t know if we like boys or girls. If so, JungKook may went through that stage when he was with bangtan 24/7 and it would be the reason he create this fixation for Jimin…

I don’t really know, but I would love it if they are in love :’(

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