a demon from my past has manifested itself in my room

i fear i dont have long to live before it sucks the life force out of me and i want you all to know that i appreciate you

but he is here now

undertale is here to rightfully take the life he once foolishly let slip through his grasp

god help me

I know everyone’s like “oh gosh no Perce don’t make more devil deals” but damn he’s just really good at cutting deals. The scenes where he’s negotiating with Pure Evil have always been like the best scenes for dramatic tension and one-liners. god damn Taliesin ”You’re at the bottom of my List” Jaffe

Critical Role: episode 91

An incomplete list of things that happened tonight:

  • Keyleth had a frank discussion with her dad about not being prepared and how she feels a little angry about that sometimes
  • Keyleth’s dad hugged her and I cried
  • This picture:
  • Keyleth declaring, NOT asking permission, that she will stay with Vox Machina for a while longer
  • “We kidnap the President of Hell and assume is visage” Grog no
  • Matt smirked a LOT this episode and every time I said “I Don’t Like That Look On Your Face Matthew”
  • After my mind was excited by the prospect of Tiefling Vax if they tried reincarnation, now we have CANON TIEFLING VAX and I cannot WAIT for the fanart I’m gonna SWOON
  • Both VEX AND PERCY expressed great interest in seeing Keyleth shift into a succubus
  • “ermagerd”
  • “I am Lady Keyleth’s … friend”
  • After the break, Matt was illuminated by orange light
  • Devil’s Night DDDDD:
  • “Percival, strut”
  • Percy sternly demanding directions was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • Vex sneering and being all snobby and nasty was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • “This is like Hellraiser”
  • Keyleth finger-gunned with flaming hands at a devil man
  • Keyleth and Tary unknowingly ate souls
  • “We gotta get arrested” “Or become police officers”
  • “We could send him a tree”
  • “Here, he’s a wee bab in a chocolate egg”
  • “All this time Vax has been staring at Tary imagining him with HALF A BEARD”
  • Percy snorted a soul intentionally 
  • “I would prefer you indebted to me … tempt me … it behooves you to make this contract” This entire conversation holy hell it was so hot I might have fainted
  • “Greg”
  • “Does it show” PERCY OMG
  • Keyleth with her hood down, flaming hands on, striking a badass pose
  • Keyleth said that Vax “belong[ed] to her” and somewhere Vax got a boner
  • “I feel inspired to go to bed” SAME

anonymous asked:

Things I hear as a skinny person: "You look unnatural" "Why do your bones stick out" "Gross, don't do the crunches in p.e., your vertabrae freak me out" "Why don't you have boobs? Are you not actually a girl?" "You look like jack skellington, stop posting pics" "Sorry, you'll have to special order or tailor the pants - there are no long and slim ones" "You should stuff your bra so you can actually look our age" "Maybe if you didn't look like a skeleton boys would like you"

things i hear as a fat person: “you’ll get heart disease”, “you shouldn’t eat that, it’s so bad for you”, “at least you’re smart”,“will you be okay to do p.e today?” , “sorry we don’t stock your size” , “your medical condition can be lessened if you lose weight” even though it’s completely unrelated.  all eyes on me at the ripe old age of 10 when obesity was first discussed in health class.  denied lunch at age 8 because “it’s not like she needs it”.  my mum screamed at me for asking for a snack when i was 11.  she yelled until she was red in the face, and then she showed me the birthday present my nan had got me - clothes of course- and said “if you keep eating, you wont fit into this”. 

i used to get asked out as a joke by my “friends”.  i was literally a joke to them. my mere existence.  haha, really funny.  ask the fat girl out.  watch her writhe with fear and humiliation when all the boys laughed and snickered in the background. fucking hilarious.  

i hear you. i get it.  but we live in a world where you can be ANY type of skinny and people will STILL prefer you to be skinny than fat.  that’s the bottom line.  you receive taunts where you shouldn’t and it’s not okay nor acceptable, but you should know that people would absolutely rather you be skinny than fat.  and until you’ve ever experienced being fat, you can’t comment.  i’ve seen how my life changed after i lost weight - the way people treated me - it was better.  it was nicely.  you don’t get it.  

iwillnevercatchuptomyself  asked:

Is anyone else really digging badass Keyleth with a fucking god-level spell in her backpocket chatting with these dipshits? They're trying to be intimidating and she's just like "I could turn into a fucking goristro anytime I want"

Hell yeah!!! High-level druids are seriously badass, and I love that Keyleth post-Aramente has this seriously powerful backup for herself now! I cannot wait to see how this turns out next week, that’s our girl!