[Lead Vocal Youngjae who has a dream]

“Not only was I a trainee for the shortest period but because I am the lead vocal, while doing activities, I have other pressures compared to the members. However, I want to overcome those pressures; I practice composing as well as lyrics writing every night before I sleep and I am working hard. Now I am in year 3 in high school. My dream is to become a music therapist. While I was thinking about what I could do with music until the day I die, I watched the broadcast and found that using music to cure sick people was cool. Of course I have goals as GOT7 too. Although it’s important that our team does well, firstly I hope we can become a team that hears that we know how to play excitedly on stage and have manners off stage.”



D.O.B: September 17, 1996

Blood type: B

Nickname: Genius, simply because my name is Youngjae

Family relationships: Parents, hyung, noona

Hobby: Piano

Favorite food: Everything except cucumbers

Favorite color: Red

Favorite item: Buddhist rosary

Ideal type: My ideal type is the person I like!

Role model: Javier


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