PROJECT #5: Suggest Ideas & Donate for MINZY’s 20th Birthday Bash Project!!

Hello Everyone! theEROMAKNAE is back with another Project, this time for Minji’s 20th Birthday! And why is this date so special you ask? Well, it’s because our very own EroMaknae, 2NE1’s Minzy, is officially turning legal in South Korea next January, 2013! And we, as an International source aiming to spread the love for this Girl, are trying to pull of another Support move for her! But for that, we’ll need your help, your biggest help actually.

The truth is that we aim to plan something rather big and for that to be able we need everybody’s efforts and support! So, check out our wordpress page to know how you can contribute to make this date unforgettable for Minzy!

You can also retweet our tweet and reblog this post to make it noticeable for everybody! It’s extremely important that we get the most number of donations and ideas possible!

Thank you so much in advance!
Don’t forget to always spread the Minzy Love 24/7!

- EM Staff