• DM: I guess you and Co-star Keanu Reeves got close..?
  • River Phoenix: Keeny, he's a sweetheart. People don't understand him. He's on this earth, he's a together guy. He'll rule the world-very smart, indigenous, and very productive.
  • DM: indigenous?
  • River Phoenix: To L.A. He works all year round and never stops.
  • [Details Magazine, 1991]

things that I will forever be in love with:

  • the way you innocently played with my hair the first day you came over
  • the way it made me feel that I was in the hands of someone soft, an angel
  • the first time you kissed me, proclaiming, “I could show you how much I like you” and then you did
  • I knew I needed to be the first one to say I love you; and when I did you cried
  • the way we’ve explored each other’s bodies and continue to
  • the way you make me feel like art to be treated with awe but it’s you that I am in awe of
  • the way I feel genuinely and wholly loved by you
  • you. you, you, you

اخــبرتهُ بـشــعورٍ كنــتُ احفظــهُ فــي القلــب حتى رأيــتُ الــــصد ألوانـــا
ياليتــني قضــيت العمــرَ اكتــمهُ فــالبــوح يقــتل نبــضَ الـــحبُ احــيانــاً..