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DEAN AS BARD. YES. “Dean casts Ramble On on the party!” I love Sam as Red Mage into Dark Knight. Did you know that somewhere there’s a dean/cas fic set in the ff universe? Don’t remember what it was called, but it was pretty good.

I don’t know any fics, but I remember seeing an artwork for it a million years ago. Or was that a Pipster one? Hmmm…

Yes! Ramble On casts haste and Eye of the Tiger increases stamina and attack strength. He’s still a Gunner as his main class, since its kind of ingrained that Bards are “useless.” The Colt is his ultimate weapon, but it has extremely limited ammo and doesn’t work against certain types. He also has a mild Blue Mage type deal, where he can learn skills after being attacked by them.

Sam wouldn’t know where to put his emphasis, and want to learn ALL the things. When he’s younger, it just made sense for Dean to let Bobby teach him what he could, since Sam was so small - while John insisted that Sam learn physical attacks. As Sam got bigger he learned to balance the two, eschewing physical fighting for a short Scholarly period, before his brother showed up with a quest (Dad’s gone leveling and he hasn’t been back in a few days). Eventually, Sam expands on certain magics to augment his high physical skill and abandons others that interfere with the spells he’s woven into his armor and weapons. (They’re fed with blood, it’s a thing.)

Cas just blasts in halfway through the game as an overpowered Paladin with heavy focus on Time and White Magics. In the sequel he and Sam become temporary bad guys in different ways. Again, partway through Cas undergoes a class shift (after a few choruses of One Winged Angel) and evolves into a Sage/Devout, using less and less physical attacks as means of expressing his purpose. Apparently that one’s still in development, so who knows what’ll happen next.

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Cas is White Mage? Nooo wait, wait. Fuck. Which game? It all depends on which game. Classic FF or more modern?

Sort of one of the more modern ones where the classes get all mushed together, or they can travel through job groupings (a la FFX)?

So Cas is a toss up between a Paladin and a White Mage when the situation calls for it. If I had to list him as a single class, I’d say Devout, but he’s initially much more swordy than that. (He totally keeps the “Seiken” skillset though. And a Cat-Eared Hood.)

Sam and Dean are both trained as Rangers, but Sam heads off in a Scholarly direction (equipping Laptop instead of Tome) and becomes a Red Mage in due time. I think Sam would end up being a Dark Knight. (Remember, dark is not evil.)

Dean stays a Gunner/Hunter but augments with a Machinist bent, with a little Blue Mage rage and - oddly enough - some Bard qualities. (I’m imagining him in the Gun Mage dressphere for chuckles).

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……you……you are a GENIUS. Please write this. Please. You’ve already basically written the outline. And “Dad’s gone leveling.” BRILLIANT. <3

Ahahaha, I don’t know about genius, but I’m having fun!

Let’s see how my first fic au turns out before I start writing any more things.

I do have some art bunnies for this though, let me get the stuff I NEED done first done, then I’ll work on some. (aughhh, I love character design, even if I suck at itttttttttt.)