I’m tired of seeing people blaming Sunny for slacking off, and not doing well. DO YOU GUYS EVEN KNOW WHY SHE IS NOT DANCING LIKE THE OTHERS?? I am going to tell you all why she is not dancing as good as the others. She has a terrible knee injury, (can’t remember what it is called) but it does so she can be in incredible pain even if she is just walking, do you all think it is easy to dance to cmiyc if she is in great pain. She can choose to not perform!! But she did and that is what counts. You all are saying Sunny did terrible at SMTOWN Osaka, but fid you guys even see her at the ending the first day? NO! Because of her knees she performed two days in a row without getting rest except for sleeping and inbetween the performances. I think you all need to fucking get information about Sunny before speaking about her or bashing her or any of the other members. I have deep respect for her putting through that pain.