Погода в Днепре радует. Солнце +48 и лёгкий ветерок. Наверное, именно по этому я буду больше всего скучать. Искренне не понимаю тех, кто хочет снова осень и зиму с их холодами. ☀ #dnipro #dnepr #sunny #happiness (at Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

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Fantasy AU Sunny and Bladewolf.


In the middle ages, the only people that could read were the nobles and the clergy. Sunny’s parents were apothecaries (doctor pharmacists in modern terms) that had taught her to read Latin, so that she may read medical texts. 

While formulating drugs to treat the disease, they had found that although the few survivors of the disease were left paralyzed, they didnt get it again when exposed to other people that were sick. Using the blood of the recovered, they successfully innoculated themselves and their daughter. (like a primitive vaccine.)

Shortly after, people became suspicious that they remained healthy while treating many of the ill and charging money for meds, and they were accused of being witches and burned at the stake.

Sunny escaped with some of her parents notes and was captured by the duke’s men. She was then imprisoned in the castle and made to work on recreating the medications. Known as the “Child of miracles” her blood was drawn to inoculate others. 

Snake and Otacon were paid by a rival prince to extract her and deliver her to his court. Otacon was the court scholar and was tasked with retrieving the notes and working from them. When they finally find sunny, she is a frail, sick and terrified. They realize that they were NOT tasked to free her, but were actually paid to deliver her to their patron so she can serve the same purpose.

So they abandon their mission and just take her with them. 


“Wolf” is a large aggressive guard dog that is chained up inside courtyard of the castle that Sunny is kept. The epidemic has caused food shortages, so he’s not fed regularly, which also keeps him aggressive. 

Sunny tucks away little pieces of bread for him in the folds of her dress, and tosses them down to the courtyard to him when no one is looking. So he warms up to her… and only her. 

During the chaos of Snake and Otacon breaking into the castle and Raiden escaping, Wolf breaks loose and escapes into the woods. When they later meet again, sunny is the only one he recognizes. 


with calm eyes, Sunny watches me wherever I go in the field. she’s constantly turning her head to focus on me, to make sure I don’t go out of her sight. if I do, she follows me and usually gives me a gentle bump with her nose when I come near.