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For some reason, i really love sad and romantic dramas, could you possibly reccomend the saddest drama's you've ever seen? It would be much appreciated if you could just tell me the basic storyline. Hopefully they are Kdrama's or Tdrama's!!!!

Here are some of my recommendations and a brief description of them in a nutshell.

You may also click on the drama titles to get a sneak peek and it might aid you in choosing what to watch among them first:

14 Sai No Haha

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14 year old girl who has a very promising future ahead of her got pregnant at 14 and what follows is a veritable cryfest.

It’s about the love of a parent to a child and the stigma that comes from being a teenage mom in a very conservative society and how one triumphs over all of those adversities just to be able to keep and raise their baby.

I’ve never cried as hard or as much in any other drama in my entire drama viewing life than i did while watching this series.

VERDICT: 14 Sai No Haha? Might as well rename this drama to 14 Sai No Huhu.

There’s no laughing matter here, only touching scenes that will tug at your heartstrings.

One Liter of Tears

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Based on a True Story, it is about a high school student named Aya who at 15 suddenly discovered that she is ill with spinocerebellar degeneration.

The story revolves around her journey towards the acceptance of her disease and the support that she’s found in her family and her first love as she slowly falls victim to the cruel sickness that turned her from bubbly, normal teenage girl to a vegetable who can not anymore write, walk, stand, read, speak or eat.

VERDICT: Prepare the bucket.  The title says everything there is to say about this series.  I didn’t just shed a liter of tears, it might have been closer to a gallon.


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2 women who have been best friends all their lives met the man of their dreams at different times but the problem was it was the same man.

Woman 1 gave way to woman 2 and woman 2 and man got married but in a fatal accident that they met on their honeymoon, woman 2 became comatose.

As the emotional and physical burden of caring for a vegetable takes it toll on man and having woman 1 be the only helping hand that he can lean on when it comes to tending to his wife at a time when he feels so alone, a love affair blossomed between them, all while woman 2 lay on her sick bed, unaware.

As the moral dilemma of cheating on the wife takes it’s toll emotionally on the both of them, the more that their feelings for each other grow.

The more that they try to stay away from each other, the more that they keep coming back to one another and that was when wife decided to wake up.

There are no bad guys or villains in this series, just a bunch of good people fucked up by fate and betrayed by the twisted destiny that was dealt upon them and it is this circumstance that makes this series a bawling fiesta.

VERDICT: I think the shower pertains to the shower on my face brought about by the tears i cried while watching this drama.


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A story about a woman of 30 who is gradually losing her memory to Alzheimers and the fight that she waged on the disease along with the support and love of the man she is in love with and her family.

VERDICT: Nothing promising here. Just a downward spiral into the deepest hells of depression as the writer dashes all my hopes of a light at the end of the tunnel for the heroine by dealing me with only the hard, cold glare of the disease and its reality.


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The story of a normal working class plain Jane who suddenly discovered that she only has six months to live because of cancer and with firm resolve affirmed that she will live her 6 months to the fullest.

Armed with a bucket list of the twenty things that she wants to fulfill before she dies, this drama is a journey towards love, life and how sometimes it doesn’t really matter if we live each day as if it were our last but rather it’s how we live life as if we’d always have a tomorrow.

VERDICT:  One of the most touching love stories ever, Scent of A Woman has good, insanely sexy romance but it also carries the aroma of hope in the legacy of a life that’s well lived and well spent no matter how short it is.


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Two childhood sweethearts who were brought together by fate and torn apart by harsh circumstances met once again as adults but one of them is now an altogether different person.

Although they met and didn’t know that each was the love that they have lost, feelings that have remained dormant were brought back to the surface and true love once again blossomed but what happens next when girl suddenly learns that the man that she is in love with is also the same man who has scarred her in the past because of his betrayal?

VERDICT: There’s no waltzing around the topic, there are definitely some hard hitting scenes that will activate your tearducts in this drama.


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From the same maker of Spring Waltz, a girl and a boy who are brothers and sisters grew feelings for each other but before you keel over from the shock of that, it turns out that girl was switched at birth and so she returns to her real birth mother and lost touch with brother.

A long time later, they met again as adults and though a lot have changed, their feelings remain.

Enter Cancer and once again we have a lovestory that is doomed because of the go to disease in many an asian dramas.

VERDICT: Endless Love. Endless Tears.


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Not necessarily a melodrama but this series made me cry in the most heartfelt of manners complete with great, big heaving sobs from episodes 13-20 so off it goes on to this list.

The story of a jaded politician who is eager to please his asshole of a father and how he manipulated a lowly, unaware civil servant into a position of power as town mayor when she only has the best interest of her city at heart and the complications that arise when they each stand by their principles and the pain and suffering that they have to go through of letting go of the other as they stand on opposite sides of the political arena.

One of the most brilliantly written screenplays and the most outstanding love stories ever, to me, despite the fact that people are raving about her writing for A Gentlemans Dignity and Secret Garden, City Hall will forever remain to be my most favorite Kim Eun Suk drama.

VERDICT: Watch it. Just watch. And then prepare your heart for the rollercoaster of emotions that this drama will bring forth in you.


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A cold man who found his salvation in a woman that he could have never imagined that he would fall in love with and the lingering feelings left of their short, passionate relationship which only one of them can remember as the other has completely lost his memory.

Now armed with a fiancee and barely recognizing the woman that he promised to love forever, will love bloom a second time around for this ill fated lovers or will the betrayal of finding out that she had kept the existence of their child a secret from him be the end of their story forever?

VERDICT: I therefore conclude that if there’s Autumn in the title, it means sniveling and crying for hours on end.


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A one night stand, a child out of wedlock, forced marriage, BOOM. Child has cancer.

As Ron Howard, Anchorman will say, “Well that escalated pretty quickly” but as they say it is through the most adverse of circumstances that fate suddenly bring two people together.

VERDICT: Life is indeed wonderful. But short too, so just watch and be glad that we are not in an asian drama, otherwise we might have cancer.


- Spring Waltz-

Doramas nuestra dulce adicción C:

¿Se repetirá la tragedia de la primavera años después?

Para escapar de las deudas, el padre de Lee Su Ho se esconde en una isla remota donde vive su amiga con su hija pequeña Eun Young, que tiene la misma edad que Su Ho. Después de ser abandonado por su padre, Su Ho piensa en irse, pero cambia de opinión tras ser conmovido por el puro corazón de Eun Young. Debido a una serie de eventos desafortunados, Su Ho desaparece, mientras que Eun Young está enferma en el hospital.

Años después, mientras está de viaje en Austria, Eun Young conoce a un talentoso pianista llamado Jae Ha, un hombre frío de pocas palabras, que se parece a Su Ho. Mientras que su amor empieza a crecer, muchas verdades serán relevadas. ¿Podrá su amor aguantar la trágica primavera de años atrás?