Male group EXO got chosen in a recent survey launched by Sports Seoul for our 28th Anniversary, on the subject of “Kpop’s Future”, representing the new generation of Kpop idols. 

Having split activities in both Korea (EXO-K) and China (EXO-M)so far, the 12 idols have reunited this time. Coming back as a complete group, as soon as they released their new song, they have showed their star-like popularity as a new generation idol group. 

Just one year after their debut, they have released their first regular album, of which their title track “Wolf and the Beauty” has helped them won 1st place on three music shows in less than 10 days after the release of their album. The twelve members, with their wild and powerful performance, and large scale, makes the group stand out from the rest.


Leader Suho’s tears flowed when they received their 1st place trophy. “At first it was Suho who cried, then followed by Kai. And Lay cried immediately when he reached the waiting room…” And for those who didn’t know, Sehun shed tears as well. 


EXO has gone through difficult times and their hearts, too, went through many hardships, and these tough days came flashing in their minds like a kaleidoscope, this is particularly so for the members with a long trainee period.


Though there were members who trained for as long as 6 years, there are also Baekhyun and Chen who only trained for 4 months. “(Rather than winning the 1st place), being accepted as SM trainees was the happiest. Because, our childhood dream was to become a singer, and it felt like we were a step closer to that dream. And we were really happy that it was coming true.” “Furthermore, after debuting as EXO, I feel like we can do a lot more (as 12).”


Kai expressed, “Baekhyun hyung and Chen hyung seemed to feel apologetic to share the happiness of winning the 1st place with us because their trainee period was shorter than the rest of the members. Maybe they felt that they didn’t put in as much effort as the other members. However, without these two members, we would never be able to debut. I would really want them to share the joy of winning 1st place with us.”


The idea of 20-24 year olds males reading each other’s minds and taking care of one another, it is something rather impressive. But sometimes, they do get goosebumps from this. “When there are 12 guys are sitting together sharing their serious, heartfelt stories, I feel really shy/embarrassed. Hahaha.”


With 12 EXO members, and 4 managers all living in the one dorm, there are bound to be many inconvenient and uncomfortable moments. Despite this, they replied in unison, “We make it a point to live like a family.” “Though our group has a maximum age gap of 4 years, we always use honorifics even if the person is a year older. We had a long trainee life together so we are like a family but we still have to do what is right. Moreover, we have been using honorifics for 4-5 years during our trainee period, so if we suddenly stop using it because we got into the same team, wouldn’t it be awkward? There are members who lived together in a dorm before debut so we are pretty close, but despite this we still use honorifics.”


We thought in the world of men there would be a subtle hierarchy, but Kris, who is one of the oldest in the team said, “I think it’s okay if you speak informally in English, I can take it,” lightening the atmosphere. Born in China but recruited into SM in Canada, Kris is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. On the other hand, the other Chinese members Tao, Luhan etc, who are still not fluent in Korean, impressed us when they told us they know the difference between formal and informal speech, out of the four different languages which they use to converse amongst themselves. 


When everyone talks a little bit here and there all at once, the situation does get out of control. However, they replied with a sense of pride, “We won’t get bored like this.” This is even more so for Chanyeol, with a voice like his, you get to hear him even if you don’t want to. 


Chanyeol said, “I’m in charge of the voice in the team. I’m also the moodmaker of the group, though people say that I’m noisy sometimes. It’s been hard on the manager hyungs. They told me to sit all the way back in the car. My voice is too loud, but I think it’s a good thing.”


Though it may feel like they are complaining, from the compliments that they are giving to one another, it seems like there are benefits of promoting as a large group as well. There must have been a sense of reassurance?

“Because we all love sports, I like how it’s good/convenient that we can split into 2 teams.” “12 members living together makes birthday parties a lot more interesting and fun. Many of our birthdays fall on the first half/beginning of the year. From the beginning of the year till May there were seven members who had their birthday parties. Just last month, I thought Tao’s birthday party was the most fun. We delivered the cake to him when he was still in the shower, but sadly, we didn’t take any photos because he was still naked when he blew the candles. Hahaha.”


D.O is a good cook, while Lay is good at playing musical instruments. Xiumin wakes his members up without fail like an alarm clock every morning.. Each member has their own personality and skills, and these 12 members with unique charms make up EXO. When asked which member do they envy the most, the members answered “Sehun”. “Maknae Sehun’s popularity is really high amongst the noonas. We think he receives the most love and concern from the noonas with his maknae title. Pretty noonas like BoA and Girls’ Generation like Sehun a lot. We envy how the noonas like him the most." 


With such pleasant personaliites, it’s undeniable that they are able to melt female fans’ hearts with their wolf cries. It looks like EXO’s deadly popularity will continue to soar, with the members’ individual charms. 

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[ARTICLE/TRANS] "Cheer up"... APRIL, special Tinkerbell performance for the fans

APRIL has presented a special Tinkerbell performance.

Today (29) in APRIL’s official Instagram “Commuter’s fairy, Tinkerbell. Today, we prepared a performance to cheer up your day as Tinkerbell went to Music Bank (work)”

In the released photos we can see APRIL making cute poses with a magic wand and wings similar to a fairy’s wings.

APRIL current activity was announced last 27th, their second mini album ‘Spring’ and its title track 'Tinkerbell’.

Meanwhile, APRIL will appear in KBS2 'Music Bank’ that will be broadcast today.

via SportsSeoul article

T.N. the article stated “힘내세요” which is translated as “Cheer up”… but not actual “CHEER UP’ like Twice’s current song.

trans by: scox @ teamfineapple

Credit to miss A Chile Official

[Important Info] this will be the last time that refer to the subject of the scandal of suzy Suzy was in the same car with two friends and the actor, where they went to a bar restaurant where were waiting them part of the cast of the drama “Gu Family Book” suzy instead talk to everyone since it was a meeting with the cast, they shared they laughed etc, get away from the place first out 2 friends of suzy and seconds later came suzy with the actor.

The video only are seconds nothing more than that, going to the car the actor and a friend jumped in front, suzy and another friend on the back side, minutes after leaving the place several web sites of Korean entertainment began to publish photos and videos titulandolos as “suzy coming out in a loving quote with the performer”“suzy and her loving quotation”, where they omitted was a meeting with the cast of the drama, several websites published and issued on the single scandal doing grow the news where actually omitted the truth that they are just friends and that the artists suzy agencies joined the cast of the drama and the actor denied the sayings of the press saying that “are single friends and nothing more” suzy parents traveled to Seoul since worried about suzy, since she was not well, since the scandal much affection you and was too concerned the reaction of her fans, after scandal, suzy already to had several rumors of romances with actor kim soo hyun and among others, because of its shape since he is considered a person very skin compared to the other idolsalways striking or embracing others, also want them to remember that sportseul is the medium that started news and long ago made a news that suzy was a poorly educated and that it was people from the staff poorly whose JYP news demanded by profanity, just looking to damage the image of suzy and hurt at the airport suzy is considered the best idols because this very attentive to his fans take the hands, receive their gifts, removed photos, and listen to their fans…

We will not post anything more about suzy scandal, already this is damaging the image as “the first love of the nation” (a clean image, no scandals, no strong rumours etc) and le is doing much damage some fans and especially to suzy and her family, not stop deceiving by pages where are carried only by silly things, and only are interested in having more visits in its pages suzy does not carry any ring of commitment always used rings, and especially now that she is face of swarovoski and where she should promote whose jewelry and not cease to love suzy support and demonstrate his love and return them to say don’t be fooled!