Your lips for a kiss

I summoned the devil to try for his help
and he said, “anything from me comes with a price-
an eye for an eye, as you know quite well-
I will take from your virtue and give you a vice.”

I asked if he’d make an exception for me,
but he shook his head and my whole body shook too.
He smiled and shrugged with his eyes full of mirth
and said, “one for one is the best I can do.”

And I wanted to learn,
so I gave him my youth.
Then I wanted to bite
so I gave him a tooth.

He took both my hands
when I wanted to write,
then also my sleep
when I wanted the night.

I called him again:
“Is nothing for free?”
“That’s not what you seek
when you bargain with me.”

I was silent then
for I knew it was true,
I had wanted to have,
but to lose something too.

So I asked for a heart and I asked for a mind
and forgot to be wise and forgot to be kind.
Got hope for ambition and ability,
success for satisfaction and stability.

I asked for the things that I needed to live
and he took away their vitality.
When I asked for something, he gladly would give
a meaningless sort of formality.

I stopped shaking hands with the fireplace
but the burn scars are still on my skin.
But he knows I’ll be back with a favor to ask,
and he’ll take my soul, and he’ll win.

December 22, 2015


Babs Bunny & Vague presents Queen of the Ring: Star Smilez vs Myverse


PT. 1 Friday Fire Cypher: Queens of the Rings - Babs, MyVerse EHart, Jaz the Rapper and Star Smilez


Remember, remember,
That lonely December
When I found a reason
To survive.

The season of snowstorms,
Of howling, emotions
And words never spoken
And walls never broken.

The reason being
Your particular being
And just being
Never seeing
The unbearable.

I just imagine
It was never there
And I always remember
That lovely December

Because I found a reason
And I no longer care.


Hey, are you there?
I can’t see the stars again,
Not that I was looking.
Sometimes I wonder if anything’s real
When I can’t see it.
I miss you,
And the moon in my room
That used to dance with the trees
That walked across the walls when cars passed
And the trees
With all the things that needed them
But I don’t need you, not really.
I never needed anyone, 
And you knew that.
Or you knew that I think so.
I kept saying I don’t write poetry about people
But coincidentally I started writing again
The same year I met you again
And you weren’t the first person I wrote about
But maybe you were.
You don’t need me anymore,
And that’s fine, it makes sense
Only I wanted you to need me forever
Because I’m a narcissist
And you know that.
Or you know I think so.
Do you miss me?
Probably. How could you not?
I miss the idea of talking to you
On nights like this, I mean.
We just weren’t who we wanted each other to be.
Anyway, goodnight
Let’s silently pretend to be asleep
Side by side, waiting to hear,
Holding onto, 
Reaching out for-
Hey, are you there?

November 18, 2015


To whom it may concern

I went out
Into the night
Into my light

Into the narrow
Sober streets
Exclusive to me
In my moment
Of plight

Crooked alleys
Slanted shadows
They preach to me
My mentality
Up my silhouette
Strangling my bare neck and
Holding back tears
Held back all these years

I feel light

So don’t worry
I’ll be back soon,
Whoever you are.


PT. 3 Friday Fire Cypher: Queens of the Rings - Babs, MyVerse EHart, Jaz the Rapper and Star Smilez