dont worry, love
youre home now.
and all the things you left behind 
have stayed there.
they will wait for you to come back.
but now you are home
let peace enter before you
and forget what is right for your nation.

you can rest here
and you can rest here
and you can rest here
and you can rest here

20 July, 2017

Fluid as the Jordan River

My gender is like a radio too far from the station
receiving static and half-words from the next broadcaster
like having a map without a location 
it looks like we’re here when we drive a bit faster

I’ve been told what I’m hearing
and where I stand
all the while fearing
just a line in the sand

29 June, 2017


MyVerse slays. 

Get acquainted. 


PT. 3 Friday Fire Cypher: Queens of the Rings - Babs, MyVerse EHart, Jaz the Rapper and Star Smilez


twilight dances on my desk
sun rays doing pirouettes
urging me to get up
to do something
anything that’s no less
than an achievement
in and of itself
and yet I ignore
their plea and despite
the proximity
between me and
the inevitable arrival
of Cronus himself
I continue to sit
not mindlessly but
rather aimlessly
watching the sun rays
turn into romanesque
shapes and figures
at the touch of my fingers
and I wonder
about what will happen
if my actions won’t come
with a beaming certificate
for me to put up proudly
on my old and dusty 
desk to proclaim
that I, myself,
have meaning


RED FOXX (alpha mc & VerBS) ::(JAN 22nd)::  DTLA BADD MOUTH BOOGIE - {free drink ticket w/ entry}

Brought to you by PURE PROD. aka Ashley-Dominique

A wild night Of BADD Music, in A GOOD Way !!!!!!

*Mike Gao*
Dropping those futuristic beats, creating the apps for you to make beats on your phone or tablet.
Come get you fix… beat science!

*Verbs and Alpha* RED FOXX
The LA tag team duo, freestyle masters. Reppin Project Blowed Leimert Parks Finest… 

*Fawksie One*
The female emcee with the illest delivery, a lot in a small pacage. Get your blunts ready… she stay with that hott fire.

*Bishop w/ Frankie Live*
Bishop with tha wu-tang style lyrics , crazy delivery… dude be that producer, Dj, Emcee e you don’t wana see in the cypher. Bringing his secret weapon Frankie LIve the producer with the classic sound for days.

*Sunny Jackson*
A sound that you wouldn’t expect, suprise you with the depth of his content. Enjoy the Sunny side 

Underground MC dropping jewells evertime he touches the mic.. Poetic in a sence but raw with the delivery.

*Daze Rich*
The MC that gets the Party started off top … music for the people to get your feet moving and bootys shaking.

Hosted by the craziest one…. that beat Dominator….