Remember, remember,
That lonely December
When I found a reason
To survive.

The season of snowstorms,
Of howling, emotions
And words never spoken
And walls never broken.

The reason being
Your particular being
And just being
Never seeing
The unbearable.

I just imagine
It was never there
And I always remember
That lovely December

Because I found a reason
And I no longer care.

Oracles Only Know Half of It

They all told me I’d lose myself one day.
Now the past floats just out of reach,
So close, I can brush it with my fingertips.
Eyes filled with stars and sleep I see
Somewhere outside of me, 
The person that I used to be. 
Lying in the grass of a lost path’s country
The person I should have become.
I leave them somewhere outside and lock my doors.

June 29, 2015


MyVerse - Booyah!


MyVerse slays. 

Get acquainted. 

To whom it may concern

I went out
Into the night
Into my light

Into the narrow
Sober streets
Exclusive to me
In my moment
Of plight

Crooked alleys
Slanted shadows
They preach to me
My mentality
Up my silhouette
Strangling my bare neck and
Holding back tears
Held back all these years

I feel light

So don’t worry
I’ll be back soon,
Whoever you are.

Сотни тысяч небесных дорог
Пролегли над моей головой:
Глубина, безупречность и синь
Всё зовут и зовут за собой.

А на поле ромашковый рай:
Тянут в небо макушки цветы—
Хоть сейчас разбегайся—взлетай
И по небу как птица лети.

С днём России, дорогие друзья, счастья всем вам, безоблачного, мирного неба, радости, любви, удачи и праздничного настроения! #праздник, #день России, #myverse


twilight dances on my desk
sun rays doing pirouettes
urging me to get up
to do something
anything that’s no less
than an achievement
in and of itself
and yet I ignore
their plea and despite
the proximity
between me and
the inevitable arrival
of Cronus himself
I continue to sit
not mindlessly but
rather aimlessly
watching the sun rays
turn into romanesque
shapes and figures
at the touch of my fingers
and I wonder
about what will happen
if my actions won’t come
with a beaming certificate
for me to put up proudly
on my old and dusty 
desk to proclaim
that I, myself,
have meaning