The Perseids is one of the most active meteor showers in the sky, and it acts as an annual challenge for photographers wishing to capture its majesty. The image above is entitled Snowy Range Perseids, and it was created in 2012 by astrophotography expert David Kingham. In this installment of How I Got the Shot, David shares the gear he took along on the shoot, the settings he used, and he provides crucial tips on how to carry out the post-production processing. (How I Got the Shot: David Kingham on Snowy Range Perseids via BH Insights)


Meteor Show timelapse. Amazing :)

New #Camelopardalids meteor shower tonight! #Comet 209P/Linear will be passing by Earth and debris falling off its tail will fall on Earth tonight. You can see up to 100 meteors per hour! LOOK North (or find the North Star) between 2a -4a EST. Next weekend you’ll actually get to see the comet itself if you have a small telescope. Enjoy! #astronomy #meteorshower