Maruko finds some money squirreled away in the house and has to figure out who it belongs to, with the hopes that she’ll earn a reward for doing the right thing.

This is a completely original idea that clearly has never been done before in Chibi Maruko-chan history and… yeah, I’m totally kidding, this is basically an expansion on the whole “secret stash” bit at the end of Episode 35. Sheesh, usually it takes a while for shows to start retreading familiar ground, not within the span of 4 episodes. 

Will the owner of the money be completely different from last time? Well, I’m not going to tell you either way. Enjoy! 


Maruko’s class changes the seating order, raising Maruko’s anxiety to new heights. Then, her father brings her to an oden stall when the two of them are left home by themselves.

Yeah, I know some of you are like, “Finish the Night is Short subs already!” but hey, Chibi Maruko-chan is where got the name of my sub group, and subbers gotta sub. 


Maruko unwittingly provokes the boys in class when she tattles on them, and the girls in class soon reach their breaking point when they’re unrelentingly teased as payback. It won’t be long until war is declared…

Okay, now this? THIS episode was a blast to do. I only hope you all have as much fun watching it as I did subbing it. (You’ll probably be able to easily pick out where I had the most fun.) And hoo boy, you Maruo fans that are out there (and I know you exist), you’re REALLY gonna like this one.

Oh yeah, and that issue mentioned at the beginning of the episode, with kids tossing out their Rider Snack after getting their cards? That actually happened in real life, and it was treated like a legitimate social problem in the 1970s, since wasting food was not considered a good characteristic of a moral upbringing. Calbee, the maker of the Kamen Rider Snack, tried to save face by printing reminders to actually eat the snack on the package and apparently urged sales clerks to only let children buy one package at a time because of this. 

This is one of those things that seems silly in retrospect, especially considering that there are far worse things to freak out over, but you have to remember that Japan went through some horrible food shortages during the war, and seeing the younger generation willingly waste food probably broke a ton of adults’ brains.