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I need your help fellow Shawols :)

This is probs gonna sound…err not exactly nice, but if anyone has ordered off of Taemin’s fansite LastFantasy (or even if you haven’t) it would be a great help if you could help me spam out their email/twitter. Sounds childish I know, but they appeared to have scammed us with their latest set ‘Neverland’, and in the past other fansites have eventually replied/shipped goods after people kept threatening to take legal action. SO, I am going to do just that and hope I get a response because they haven’t updated or replied to anyone in 6 months and these goods cost people a lot of money. I don’t want death threats or anything like that, but a simple ‘I will take legal action/sue you if you do not send the goods ASAP’ will do. Spam like crazy if you are able/ want to, to help us all that fell victim to this, well I thought was legit, Taemin fansite. Ripping off SHINee fans this way is so low. Please help me if you can, I just need them to be spammed enough so they feel they need to take action. Any contact to them is of great help.
Their email is:
and their twitter is: @LastFantasy0718