A garden fete on the grounds of the Campbell House Museum was the location for the launch party for Harley Valentine’s new strikingly bold and colourful show “Barbarians At The Gate”. The show runs until September 30, 2013. It’s a vision to behold!

Above: Inspired by the famed Diskobolus of Myron from the 5th century B.C.E., Valentine’s Diskobolus amplifies the tightly-wound pose of the discuss thrower with it’s bulging and fluid musculature. The mirrored stainless steel effaces emotion and strain from the figure to a far greater degree than the original. At the same time though, the figure is re-humanized as it reflects back the viewer’s own face and body. 

Material - Mirrored Finish Stainless Steel (1’ SS 304) - Scale 5’ x 6’ x2.5’

The sculptures are womanly and animalistic in form. Although they are motionless they exude a sense of movement through their dynamic shapes.


The brilliant colour of this sculpture complements the grounds’ floral garden  

Allison Knudsen (HVStudio) and Moira Romano (Sotheby’s &

John Simone

The TEAM HVStudio - Allison Knudsen & Harley Valentine (

Campbell The last owners of the Campbell House (Coutts - Hallmark Greeting Cards) wanted to demolish the house to extend their parking lot. At this time the house was offered to anyone who could remove it from the property. A professional group of Trial Lawyers known as the Advocates’ Society intervened to save the house, move the building and restore it to its present appearance. The house was moved from Adelaide Street to its present location at Queen & University on March 31st. 1972.

Campbell House is the oldest remaining house from the original site of the Town of York. Built in 1822 by Judge William Campbell. The house is one of the few surviving examples of Georgian architecture left in Toronto.

Moira & Alfredo Romano

Looking out onto Queen Street

John Simone (, Cameron Brown (HVStudio - and Bronwyn Handling

The boys of summer - John Bradt (RN) , Cameron Brown (HVSTudio) and Dwayne Kennedy (fashion director The Collections)

Could this be a new trend? Loving the socks, shoes and rolled up pant legs!

John Simone and Moira Romano