i had lots and lots of pictures from my trip to l.a. last week. i just wanted to share these 2 pictures of my wonderful friends that i finally got to meet (i met a few other wonderful people as well). the one on the left is me and jade (kisippi) and the one on the right is me, vikki (hmcity) and domi (dongblebee). consider this a selca saturday~

To Kevin Woo...

This is my “letter” of sorts to Kevin… or basically my feelings about him. I wrote it awhile back and it’s not really complete, but I felt like sharing.


Kevin, I feel like you are the most underestimated and possibly misunderstood member in U-KISS. Maybe it’s because you’ve been my bias for a long time now, but when I talk to other fans who have chosen another member as their bias, they seem to see you in a completely different way than the way I see you. I guess it’s not a matter of who is right or wrong, but I still feel like you’re being underestimated and deemed “the weak one” almost by default. I don’t think it’s fair, because the way I see it, it’s the exact opposite.

When the member change happened, everyone wondered if you’d be the first to break. They were all worried for you and as much as I worry for your health and happiness, I wasn’t too worried about this. I knew you’d be sad, disappointed, even angry. Alexander and Kibum are two of your best friends. But you, out of all the members, have had a lot of experience with member changes and parting ways with old friends. They’ll never truly be gone though, and I think you’ve learned that over the years. You’ve learned by now that life goes on and being depressed and living in the past will get you nowhere. I think you, out of all the members, can handle this the best. Unpopular opinion, yes, but I stand beside it.

You’re not weak, Kevin. You’re quite strong. You are the boy who, at 15, went to Korea and tried his luck at an audition… you didn’t even tell your friends that you were leaving. To say goodbye to the world you’ve known all your life and move to another country to achieve your dreams is something I find extremely admirable. What you did and the choices you made were not easy. They were life-changing moments. Weak does not describe you, no matter what people say. That’s only scratching the surface… only looking at you from the outside and not the inside.

Sometimes I wonder if the things people say behind your back, on the internet and elsewhere ever hurt you. Or have you gotten used to the negativity already? I think you have… you don’t even flinch when people ask you invasive questions. But sometimes things just get taken too far and people start saying hateful things about you. That you try too hard, that you’re too thin or you’re too girly… I don’t mind any of these qualities in you. In those moments where people spit hate, I want to be strong for you because I am your fan and swore to support you through everything. But as your fan, I am the weak one and you are the strong one. I wonder if I’m not doing a good enough job, if I let these things hurt me. I’ll try harder in the future. I won’t feel angry or retaliate or even acknowledge the negativity. You yourself are such a positive person and I learn from you.

I cherish you, Kevin. You’re an angel on this Earth in my eyes.


Yes, this is what I look like in real life.

Wearing a sweater over a flannel shirt, stylin’.

Not that you can actually tell any of that from this picture. >_<

I’ve died my hair a reddish color, but my hair is naturally wavy like that. Also that zit is all natural.

Also this is not my house, but where I’m house-sitting atm.

Also if I ever do this again I am using something that takes better pictures. >_<

hmcity made me do it


  •     State your name & username
  •     What’s your age?
  •     Where are you from? Where are you living now?
  •     What time is it?
  •     Is it cold right now?
  •     What was the last song you listened to?
  •     What was the last thing you watched on tv?
  •     What’s your favorite tv show and why?
  •     Quick! Shuffle to a song on your iPod/iTunes and sing a verse!
  •     What was the last thing you ate?
  •     What was the last movie you saw?
  •     Do you think you have an accent?
  •     End the meme with any words of your choice.

hmcity  asked:

If Kiseop agreed to go on one ride at an amusement park and it was entirely your choice, which ride would you choose? kekeke~

Pffft, oh god he would probably hate me for this. xD 

It would kinda be bad for him because I happen to love the adrenaline rush I get when I ride a roller coaster or other exciting rides. But I’d consider his feelings and go easy on the poor chicken lol. A ferris wheel wouldn’t be too bad right? xD

I'm leaving for a week~

Going on vacation… and I probably won’t have internet access, so I might not be able to post. T^T So sad! I’ll set up a queue for tomorrow, but after that I might not post until the 28th when I get back. (U-KISS ANNIVERSARY FTW!)

I will miss everyone! But I’ll be celebrating my birthday down in Florida with family~ should be fun. Hopefully I’ll come back to lots of U-KISS stuff! Can’t wait to spazz again!

Mwah! *kiss*

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I’m sorry what….

am i reading this right??

I am reading it right!

Thank you for following me back! wow!! okay sorry if i freaked you out i tend to do that.

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