Release Blitz ~ First Comes Love by Emily Goodwin

Release Blitz ~ First Comes Love by Emily Goodwin

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First comes love. 

Then comes marriage.

Then comes a—

Hold up. You’re joking right? As if life works off a neat little list like that, moving down, checking things off before jumping to the next task. We’re not married. We’re not lovers. Hell, we’re hardly even friends. Noah Wilson isn’t exactly “life partner” material, and he sure as hell isn’t “father material”. He’s my older…

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Emma Watson Launches Feminist Book Club Called “Our Shared Shelf”

Emma Watson, proud feminist, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, and the closest we have to a real-life Hermione Granger, just started her own book club. Moreover, being the wonderful fan-inclusive celebrity she is, she’s made sure that you can be a part of it! Yesterday, January 7, Emma took to social media to announce that she wanted to start a feminist book club, and requested her fans help her with title suggestions for the club.
2015 YA/MG Books With POC Leads
204 books based on 155 votes.

Diversify your bookshelf with this great list of young adult and middle grade novels featuring POC protagonists released last year.
The Bookavid: Why Should Never Ever Take Review Inspiration From Goodreads | Book Blogging Tips (#34)

As a blogger, you probably also have a Goodreads account. Goodreads is a community where you can share reviews, book recommendations, and the like with your friends and discuss the lastest books you read.

A huge part of the website is the review section. Anyone and everyone can publish reviews, sharing their opinion with the whole world.

There are absolutely no rules, and this is exactly why the worst thing an aspiring blogger can do, is to copy-and-paste their super popular Goodreads reviews onto a blog.

The Difference Between Reviewing on Goodreads and Independently

Most reviews on Goodreads are angry rants.

The more you write about why you hate a book, the more likes you’re going to get from similar-minded people.

While I’m a-ok with expressing a negative opinion, it always always always depends on the tone. On Goodreads, people can vote on your review. The more likes and comments it has, the more likely it is to get around and be seen by a lot of people. Logically, the reviews that are shared a lot are the ones that polarize.

Consequentially - what do people do when they want to get famous on Goodreads? Write controversial reviews, mostly involving swearwords, GIFs, quotes, and anything to support your negative or positive opinion.

If you’re reviewing on a blog, your focus isn’t on the looks of the review, but the content.

At least it should be. Of course you’re supposed to have a certain common theme and aesthetic to your reviews, but it’s all about your opinion. On Goodreads, it’s all about attention, getting comments and likes, and ideally also ridiculing the author. 

Why Goodreads-Reviewing Is Terrible 

On Goodreads you won’t only find a lot readers, but also authors.
Many popular and famous authors do have a Goodreads account, so there’s a chance that they’ll read what you have written. Most popular Goodreads Reviewers don’t have independent blogs and strictly stick to the website. But I’ve seen a few people try to transition with those hate-filled and flat out mean reviews you’ll find on the site.

If you don’t know what I mean by goodreads-reviewing, here’s a review from a very popular Goodreads reviewer for Becoming Jinn by Lori Goldstein

Imagine being the author and having to read that your book made someone want to gouge their eyes out. So much work from a copious amount of people goes into writing a book. If you’re going to review it, don’t do it like this.

It’s insanely disrespectful, childish, and mean. As an aspiring blogger, I can just urge to aim for the highest level of professionalism you can, while staying true to yourself. Don’t look at Goodreads and try to write your reviews like the popular people on there.

What’s Your Opinion on Goodreads-


‘Let’s Read About Feminism’ is now on Goodreads!

JOIN OUR GOODREADS GROUP for yet another fun and exciting way to take part in our book club!

We are currently reading “Complaints and Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness,” by  Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English.

Our past books include: Bad Feminist, Everyday Sexism, Men Explain Things to Me, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Join us on Goodreads, Facebook, and Tumblr!
Our Shared Shelf

Dear Readers,

As part of my work with UN Women, I have started reading as many books and essays about equality as I can get my hands on. There is so much amazing stuff out there! Funny, inspiring, sad, thought-provoking, empowering! I’ve been discovering so much that, at times, I’ve felt like my head was about to explode… I decided to start a Feminist book club, as I want to share what I’m learning and hear your thoughts too.

The plan is to select and read a book every month, then discuss the work during the month’s last week (to give everyone time to read it!). I will post some questions/quotes to get things started, but I would love for this to grow into an open discussion with and between you all. Whenever possible I hope to have the author, or another prominent voice on the subject, join the conversation.

If you fancy it, please join up and participate. Everyone is welcome. I would be honoured!

Emma x

Emma’s Goodreads account

Why Not Read With Friends? Book Club

Hello everyone! Me and my friend, @writablous, decided that it would be fun to create a book club!

I have created the group, Why Not Read With Friends?, on Goodreads which you can find HERE! Anyone is able to join on there so you can know what book we’ll be reading for the month, add books to the to-read bookshelves so we have many books to choose from for a month read, do polls to help decide what book we’ll read next, and participate in discussions with other people about the book and such!

With this book club we want us and other lovely people to find one another who have a love for books and have people to read along with and talk to! As well as wanting to expand what types of books we read. We want to read different genres of books and read books that have diverse characters/authors.

If you follow me, @books-fuckyes, and my friend, @writablous, we will update and remind you of what we’ll be reading for the month, discussions we’re having on the goodreads page, and when we have polls of deciding what book to read next!

Before we can start we need people to join! And it would help a lot if you reblogged this post for others to see who would be interested in joining! And we need as many suggestions of books (mostly books that are different genres and/or have diverse characters/authors) for us to read to decide what our first book will be! You can message me your suggestions and I will make sure to add them to the to-read shelf on the goodreads page! Or go onto the Why Not Read With Friends? page and go to the First Book To Read? discussion that has been created there and list your suggestions there! Then we’ll be able to pick out a few books to choose from and create a poll for everyone to participate in, so we can chose which book to read and decide when we’ll read the book!

I hope you join! It would be wonderful to read along with you!!