Our sincerest condolences and thoughts to Robert Wyatt’s loved ones, friends and colleagues. Robert passed away suddenly on January 14, 2017. He was an incredible photographer that shot extraordinary photos. Here are a few amazing photos from his CRASH Magazine photoshoot (Dec 2008) he took of Michael Fassbender. We will be forever grateful. May you rest in peace Robert.

takin a look at a pit fiend’s stats

  • Proficiency Bonus: +7
  • Saving Throws: Con +13, Dex +8, Wis +10
  • Damage Resistances: cold, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks that aren’t silvered
  • Damage Immunities: fire, poison
  • Condition Immunities: poisoned
  • Senses: truesight 120 ft., passive Perception 14 
  • Languages: Infernal, telepathy 120 ft.
  • Challenge: 20 (25000 XP)

„My dearest Calliope”, Arizona began, taking the other woman’s hands in her own and stared into beautiful, gorgeous brown eyes that shimmered in the sunlight streaming down upon them. “Had you told me that we would ever be standing here again, I would have laughed at you. Despite the truth that I never stopped loving you, despite my promise to myself that I would never lose hope, it had lost all of it when I watched you move to New York.” Gentle thumbs stroked over the back of tan hands as the blonde continued. “I didn’t know you would come back. I had no idea that a year ago today, you would show up at my door and told me you made a mistake when you left. When you told me you still loved me, I thought it was a dream and my heart soared in my chest. I made a lot of mistakes, I’m not a kid anymore. But letting you go to find your way back to me, was fate.” She took her lover’s hand and placed it over her chest. “Can you feel the rapid thudding? It’s all for you, Calliope. All of this, every beat in there, every breath of air in my lungs, it’s for you and for our little miracle.” Two pairs of eyes glanced at their daughter, wearing a pretty summer dress and a big smile. “I love you, Calliope, and this time, I won’t mess it up. This time, we really have the chance to be extraordinary.”

Tears brimmed chocolaty eyes as she looked into the deepest pool of blues she had ever seen. And although those eyes and the woman they belonged to were so familiar, the brunette thought she discovered something new in them every day. “My dearest Arizona”, she started after clearing her throat. “I will never understand how we are standing here today. So much has happened, so many things have gone wrong in the past. We may not be perfect now, we will probably never be perfect. But our imperfections make us who we are and in a magical way, they fit perfectly together.” Pausing for a moment, Callie once again looked at their daughter, who needed, encouraging the older Latina. “I can still remember the day I realized that what I feel for you is love in the purest and most consuming way at the same time. And had I not come back, I would have wondered for the rest of my life how extraordinary we could have truly been, as wives and as a family.” She still held on to her soon-to-be-wife’s hands. “I promise to fight for us, for what we have. I love you, Arizona.”

Close to tears herself, the blonde slipped the new wedding ring onto her wife’s finger before Callie did the same. Being married to the mother of her child felt as right as it had always felt. And the matching smiles all three wore told her that agreeing to a second try at marriage with Calliope Torres, was the best decision she had ever made. “I love you, Calliope.”

“Finally!”, the younger Torres exclaimed, jumped up from her seat and clapped her hands loudly. The other wedding guests soon joint in as Callie and Arizona made their way back down the aisle of flowers and grass, their hands holding on to each other’s, their fingers intertwined until they welcomed their daughter in their middle.

This time, they wouldn’t let go. This time, they would face every storm together, whether it was a simple thunderstorm or a hurricane. This time, they were ready for their extraordinary future together.

this is a shout out to all overweight girls in the world

y’all are gorgeous

the overweight girls who spend hours on their makeup and hair and clothes, to look like they just walked off of the front page of a magazine every day, y’all are beautiful and it’s working.

the overweight girls who can’t afford to spend money or time on their appearance, who wear sweatpants and tie up their hair in messy buns, who don’t think they look cute, who always look exhausted, y’all are still fucking wonderful and amazing and beautiful.

the overweight girls of color, every single one of you, the girls who choose to dress according to your ancestry, the girls who have chosen to assimilate into different cultures, the girls who have only ever dressed one way and don’t care to change, the girls who are always evolving in their appearance, y’all are beautiful no matter what, and you are perfect.

the overweight trans girls, the girls who are ‘passing’, the girls who ‘aren’t’, the girls who’ve started on hormones, the girls who haven’t, the girls who aren’t quite sure if they’re girls yet, the girls who’ve known for some time but haven’t come out, you are wonderful and beautiful and strong women, and please remember that no one can tell you otherwise.

the overweight girls who are only slightly above average, the overweight girls who have never been skinny, the overweight girls who have gone through medical things that have made their bodies do strange things, the overweight girls who want to change their shape, the overweight girls who are comfortable the way they are, all of you, every single one of you, you are all beautiful. You are all wonderful, and you are all just perfect.