Harry Styles is such a mature 23-year-old. He seems more mature, more even-keeled, more understanding about life and the things that truly matter than a good bit of his pop peers, even some that are older than him. And he’s never been one to be baited into fights, and when other celebs talk shit about him, he doesn’t even respond. I honestly don’t think he gives a shit. He knows what’s important, and what isn’t. 

No. She’s not the type of girl that will easily stand out. Not to say that she isn’t pretty, she’s beautiful in fact, physically, her friends and family will agree she is pretty and charming too; in a crowd of people, however, your sight simply may not be drawn to her. She holds another kind of beauty: the kind that she will grant only to those whom she has chosen. This type of beauty is found in the way she opens up her mind to reveal the endless thoughts in which she spends her daydreams marveling at the possibilities. It’s how she will grant you the intense amusement you will feel as she demonstrates her variety of natural and passionate talents. Or how, even after spending a night full of rivers running down her cheeks with a thunderstorm in her head, she is still capable of speaking endlessly about the wonders the world holds almost as though she were looking right at them. The way her world is filled with color will undoubtedly spill on over to you, and you will have no choice but to adore every single drop. She can be quite intense, but if you happen to stick around long after she thought you would have gone, you just might be able to capture her in ways she never expected. She will illuminate your universe in places you didn’t realize needed illumination. Her insanity will challenge you with much excitement. Nothing you do or say will be too much for her in fact, she will decorate every one of your thoughts and feelings and sculpt them into masterpieces that will be locked into her heart. She may not easily stand out at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll beat yourself up for not seeing her from the beginning, and if she loves you too, hold on to her because people like her give their love only to the rarest of souls.
—  Anonymous