dubudreams asked:

When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity!

my activity wouldn’t have changed since the last time i got this D:

1. enough sleep

2. getting things done, group work is especially hard. 

3. food

4. hwayi being happy

5. this donut im about to eat 🍩

Top 10 biases

I was tagged by dubudreams to list my top 10 biases sooo

1. The almighty Kim Kibum no really who did you expect
2. Kim Jonghyun the almighty list ruiner
3. Ugh so hard to choose Lee Jinki the angelic man
4. Close runner up Choi Minho who would be angry about losing this battle
5. Devil child Lee Taemin who has probably cursed me for eternity because he was my first Shinee bias
6. Liu Amber yes ma'am I have got my brass ready thank you
7. Jung Krystal I love you thank you for your amazingness Kryber forever
8. The flexible Song Victoria wow it hurts me to watch you bend also thanks for cuteness
9. Park Luna you are amazing. ‘Nuff said. Also Red Light blue hair rocked.
10. Choi Sulli your cuteness reaches the depths of my soul no one can escape

I swear I love more than just SHINee and f(x) but they are just so good thay they take up my top ten…. so…

Bonus 11: Kim Hyuna you are my queen I will worship you until the end of days I will follow you into the underworld let’s rule it together I am your eternal servant

I tag the last 5 people in my notifs that I also didn’t tag in my last thing I tagged people in: surefire-winner, odd-shinee, marstheredplanet, kiinlove1440, jinkiismyhusband. Love you~