Fifteen days of Fanmix: a mix that expresses a feeling

WATCH ME CONQUER (listen/dl)

For feeling like a conqueror, for making man tremble at the sound of your voice. for bringing empires to dust and destroying countries with your fist. For being the idol of a new age, becoming the one who defied the laws of god and men, to make their own.

I. Woman King - Iron & Wine | II. Stabat Mater - Woodkid | III.Après Moi -Regina Spektor | IV. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine | V. This Ain’t No Hymn - Saint Saviour | VI. Abraham’s Daughter - Arcade Fire | VII. Horse and I - Bat and Lashes | VIII. Headlock - Imogen Heap | IX. Power - Kanye West | X. Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix) - Jack White | XI. Iron  - Woodkid | Bonus: Breath of Life - Florence + the Machine