My very first Taobao order arrived, AHHHH!! \( ;o; )/ <3333
I am so happy I plucked up the courage to use a shopping service. YoyBuy was a fantastic SS and I thank all my friends who recommended them to me! ^^
Items are from: BonBon21, Candy Rain, Lucky House, We Love Liz Lisa

I have mentioned this a little before, but I’ve really wanted to try out a new style for myself on a regular basis. While I love lolita fashion very much and still want to wear it a lot, I don’t want to be just defined as a lifestyle lolita. I want to experiment with other things too! So, I have fallen in love with this soft and feminine hime gyaru style (minus the crazy bouffant hair)- it’s a more revealing look but remains sweet and feminine. Sometimes labelled “romantic gyaru”, I love how angelic the clothes look and feel, and they really speak to my inner heart.
(So yes, I am having to clear out/sell some old clothes to make room for these… haha ^^;)