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Headcanons // Clones reacting to S/O's boxing match

+He’s amazed, like he thought he was the only badass in the relationship.
+He doesn’t realize it, but as he’s watching he’s yelling.
•”Boil, Shut Up. We’re gonna get kicked out.” -Waxer
+If your opponent lands a hit on you, he makes sure to kiss the spot that bruises whenever he gets a chance.
+he’s definitely owns a ‘Y/N’s Biggest Fan’ shirt.
+Probably gives you tips.
+He definitely worries less about you when he’s gone.

+Unlike Boil, he worries even more.
+At the first match he went to, he almost climbed into the ring because he was worried.
-”What if she gets hurt in the ring?! What if the ref is unfair?!” -Echo - “ECHO GO TO SLEEP!” - Fives
+It doesn’t matter if you win, lose, or even if you say you’re fine. He either brings Kix with him, or makes you come with him to see Kix afterward
+It does amaze him that you do it for sport.
+After you win and after you see Kix, he takes you to 79’s for celebration.
+If you lose, he’s still totally supportive.

Fives :
+I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Kick his ass and He’ll thank you.
+At your first match he went to, he literally just sat there in awe.
-”Fives, pick your jaw off the floor, you catch flies.”-|You from the ring between rounds.
+He LOVES that’s you’re so amazing.
+He has your fight schedule saves onto his data pad, and matches them up to when he’s on leave.
+He’ll fight someone for the front row seat.
+He makes signs to bring to your matches.
+Watches live feeds of your matches when he’s not there.
-Makes his brothers watch it with him
•”Look how bad ass my girl is! Look at her go!!”
+Speaking of his brothers, he definitely uses you to scare/tease shinies.
-”My girlfriend punches better than you.” “My girlfriend could take you down in. 3 seconds.”
+”Let’s take that one move you did to the bedroom. ;)” -Fives
+if someone bothers you while y’all are out on the town, he doesn’t even bother threatening them.
-”Bro, I don’t even have to kick your ass. She’ll do it for me.”

+The first time he saw you in the ring. That was an adventure. Unlike Echo, he actually did get in the ring.
+He’s very supportive and loves that you can definitely defend yourself.
+Less supportive of the fact that you do it in a sports bra and mini shorts (I googled uniforms pls don’t hate me.)
-if not that he doesn’t like seeing it. He just doesn’t like sharing.
+The wolf pack? More like the (Y/N) fan club.
+He might not act happy about it, but loves what you do. Especially when he gets to watch you beat the crap out of someone.
+He teaches you some moves that he learned on Kamino.
-He might as well be your coach.
+He definitely celebrates with you after a win. ;)
+ As long as you’re not hurting, he’ll comfort you after a loss. ;)

Collecting some of the otp stories I’m fond of




Agh, spent too much time on these prompts. This time it’s for two Anons and a @clonewarswriter yaaaay I really wish these photo layouts would work properly. (Cody and Rex are playing Time Crisis 2 in that one.)

…See, the arm wrestling one was supposed to just be a simple image. But then it became Wolffe vs. Boil. It all worked out in the end.

The Last Mission

Because he was one of the earlier batches of clone troopers, he was quite “old-looking” by the time the Empire held sway.

They discharged him, a pensioner of the Imperial Army.

But he still has one mission. One last mission.

He went to Ryloth. He brought his armor with him to Ryloth. In a duffel bag. For his time of fighting is over. But he still had to do this. One last mission.

He needed to find his little sister that he left behind years ago.

The little sister that his brother left behind without saying a final farewell.

After years on Ryloth, he found her. Or, to be precise, she found him. Lying wasted in a cheap rented room, muscles withering away from disuse and misuse, and not eating anywhere near enough.

She found him racked with fever. Words slurring out his mouth nearly intelligibly, recounting battles won, remembering his brother. Recalling his little green sister.

She held his hand. And called, “Nerra…

The word brought him out of his delirium. Weakly, he turned his head, and smiled. A single teardrop ran down his cheek.

“I finally found you…”

She heard how her other nerra died in battle. She cried. Too weak, he could only gently caress her head.

“Grow well, be a fighter,” he said. “I’m proud of you. And I know, if he was here, he would be, too.”

They buried him in a grave outside the city. The Place where Warriors Fell, people would say. A final resting place only for highly honored fighters.

After the burial ceremony, she opened the duffel bag. They would have buried the bag alongside the warrior, but he had left specific instructions to not do that. “Take it and use it. Be a fighter.”

They distributed the armor among the Resistance movement. With great respect, and great hope that by doing so, they will be inspired to the same greatness.

She chose a shoulder armor bearing his sigil. An upper arm armor bearing his name.

She would very much want to have the armor of her other nerra, but that one had been buried with him on Umbara.

So she sewed a purple tooka on her vest.

It’s inexplicable. And maybe just some wishful thoughts. But she would have sworn, that whenever she had to go into combat, she felt the presence of her nerras beside her. So real.

Boil on her left, on her arm, protecting her from harm.

Waxer on her right, in her heart, reminding her always the reason to fight.

(A companion piece to – and inspired by – @lorna-ka‘s  awesome drawing of Numa, Waxer, and Boil.)

When the war ended, the other clones laughed at Boil for requesting to take a few weeks leave. Yeah, he could, but leave was for the officers, for “people who actually have families” and who knew what life was like outside of the GAR. 

But despite the joking, Boil’s leave was approved. His brothers found out his destination was Ryloth and joking of an entire different sort broke out. 

Boil shrugged it off, scrounged together enough credits for the most basic translation device he could find on the spur of the moment, and boarded public transportation for the first time in his life. That’s an experience worthy of a story all on its own. 

He wasn’t expecting Ryloth to look so different. He wasn’t expecting to see such an obvious military presence, either. The clones there didn’t give him trouble, even though there was something about the GAR here that felt… off. 

He somehow remembered where Numa lived, and if that hadn’t been one of the first sections of the city to benefit from reconstruction, Boil probably wouldn’t have found her. 

His money was well spent on the translator. He couldn’t speak Ryl and Numa couldn’t speak Basic, so they sat on a step and took turns poking at it, making broken sentences that sometimes didn’t quite get their meaning across, but the attempt had them laughing anyway. 

He couldn’t tell her the first day. She was too excited to see him and introduce him to her family with the translator that didn’t even contain a full vocabulary of Basic. But the next day Numa asked where her other nerra was. That clunky translator made his explanation sound so lifeless and dull, but Numa’s face fell all the same, and she sat next to Boil in silence and the day felt a little more dreary. 

The rest of his time visiting Numa turned out to be much happier, and as Boil left for Coruscant, he told her he’d try to see her again. Or that he’d judge her again; the translator was turning iffy under constant use. Learning Ryl himself would’ve probably been less of a hassle. 

It didn’t happen right away—after all, changes that turned the GAR completely upside down kept him busy—but eventually Boil did keep his promise. He pulled that old translator out of storage when he flew back to Ryloth, now heavily under Imperial control to the point that Boil ducked as he passed stormtroopers just to not be noticed as a clone. 

Numa was still there, and unlike how Boil had promised to learn Ryl, she actually followed through with learning Basic. And she was much more reliable than his outdated tech. Her own words certainly carried much more emotion as she ran up to fling her arms around him, shouting, “Uncle Boil!” 

Dancing in the Stars Epilogue

[Part 1]   [Part 8]

(Read on AO3)

Cody stepped into the office he and Rex shared while they were planetside, and let out the sigh he had been holding in all day. Damn Jesse anyway, and whichever idiot had recorded some of the dancing. And particularly damn the whole romantic lot of his vod’e for scouring the footage and picking up every moment where the camera had caught Skywalker mooning over Amidala, or Tano and Chuchi standing a little too close, or…

“Rex and Kenobi? Huh.”

Never mind that Rex had danced with just about every willing senator (because they had been pretty much lining up to dance with his brother when they saw his talent), with both Tano and Skywalker, and even with Cody himself, no, it was the one time he danced with Kenobi that they picked up on.

The universe hated him. It was now official. Kenobi had once commented that the Jedi were terrible gossips, but Cody thought that the vod’e could rival them. This little titbit would feed the rumour mill for days; they would attempt to pump Cody for information, as an actual eye-witness, and then read far too much into what he didn’t say.

Rex and their general were both private people, and they didn’t deserve the kind of scrutiny this would bring. Cody would do his absolute damndest to protect them.

The door opened behind him and Cody whirled around to face the intruder. It was Boil, still on the other side and looking awkward.

“I, uh…” Boil cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. Then he stepped through the door and wrapped his arms around Cody.

“Waxer won’t forgive me if I leave you like this while he’s marching ahead,” he explained.

Cody smiled and relaxed into his brother’s embrace. He curled his arms around his vod, returning the hug. After a minute, he felt Boil’s posture change, his spine losing some of its rigidity.

Even before they left Kamino, Waxer had taken it upon himself to make sure that Cody got a requisite amount of human contact, and to be there whenever he needed someone. Boil, their resident grouch, had rolled his eyes and grumbled and participated anyway. Cheerful, outgoing Waxer had understood both of them, reticent in their own ways, and taken care of the pair of them.

Boil was right: they still needed to look after each other, now more than ever. Boil needed this just as much as Cody did.

One of the best thing about Boil? He got that Cody didn’t need anything more. He knew just how far to go. He patted Cody’s back.

“See you later, Commander.”

Cody smiled as Boil stepped away. “Vor entye, vod.”

And with that, Boil left the room, along with Cody’s stress.

Any suggestions for a name for this part, anyone?