AMERICA IS VIP: Fan book Project

AMERICA IS VIP: Fan book Project

This is a joint project by USA Big Bang and BigBangUpdates to show Big Bang just how many people in North America love them, and to thank them for finally coming to visit us. This fan book will include fan photographs, fan letters, and fan art made by fans in North America (Not just the United States, but any North American location. This project is to give all North American fans the chance to thank Big Bang and give them love.) We will compile this fan book, and it will be presented to Big Bang at their Newark, NJ show!

Send all entries to:

Submit by: September 26, 2012


Photos:   Clear, digital pictures & scans of good, large size. If your picture isn’t large enough, it won’t be able to be printed, and may not be included. The same goes for pictures that are too pixelated or grainy. An exception will be made for webcam photos, but they must still be some degree of clear. Please do not send any racy or risqué pictures. The idea is to send pictures that show you as a Big Bang fan, so pictures with posters, light sticks, T-shirts, or any other representation of Big Bang (cosplays, nail art, Big Bang inspired make-up, etc.) is ideal. You may also include a photo to be featured with your letter. Please include your name & location (screen name is permitted.) Ex: Shelly from Sunnyvale, CA. or @LovelyVIP92 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fan letter: Please keep the fan letters to one page. You may either handwrite & scan/photograph your letter (as long as it remains legible and is photo quality), or send your fan letter via e-mail to be printed in the book. Do not send 8 pages to Daesung about how much you love and want to marry him. Please only express your love and gratitude, in your own way, keeping it short enough that it can fit within one page. You may write to a particular member, or write to all members. Please, no racy or risqué fan letters, and no creepy or alarming letters. We want to cheer on the boys, not scare them! With your letter, please also include your name and location. (Screen names are also permitted)

Fan art: Please create beautiful fan art that the boys can appreciate. Please do not send any fan art that is pornographic in nature. You may scan or photograph your fan art and sent it via e-mail (again, please mind the quality!)

Do Not Send!

Please do not send any fan fiction. We are sure that you are a good writer; however, we feel that fan fiction may seem inappropriate, and we do not want anything to be uncomfortable.

Do not send anything pornographic in nature. It will not be included.

Do not send any hate mail, or any mail comparing the members. Ex: “Seungri, I love you so much! You are so much more handsome than T.O.P!”  Or “I love all of you so much, except for G-Dragon. I can do without him.” Such mail will not be included. No downing any of the members for any reason.


We will be picking from fan entries for the best cover art! Please submit this entry separate from the other entries. Create art for both the front and back covers, dimensions 10x8 inches (landscape). Send your e-mail to and include “Cover art” in the subject. Include your name and location. The artist whose work is chosen will win a copy of Big Bang’s “Monster Edition”, and a Big Bang light stick.

The cover should say “AMERICA IS VIP” and should say “By: North American VIPs”. The back cover should mention USA Big Bang and Please also adhere to the above guidelines.

**Should we get a lot of entries, all entries may not make it into the fan book, but we will try to include as much as possible, and send the remaining fan letters with Big Bang’s gifts to both shows.**

sarahtheterror  asked:

So you know netizen buzz, right? Is there a place like that that has more YG related things? NB doesn't really do much on YG

(I love the leadah’s thinking face. He’s so cute!)

I don’t know of any site that add the comments that is just YG centric. 

koreaboo does the the same articles as NB.

bigbangupdates and ygfamilyy are the big update sites that most people follow.

Followers, do you know of any others?

  • Interviewer:By the way, the type of girls V.I. likes, what type are they?
  • Seungri:I like energetic girls. I want to take in that energy from the person I like.
  • Interviewer:Is it because you are always the one that energizes others, you want the person you like to energize you?
  • Seungri:Yes. Without that my power would disappear. But, of course it wouldn’t be one-sided, I would love her wholeheartedly to an innumerable amount


Yo to all you VIP’s!

We’re starting a Kpop show on youtube and to promote our channel we’ll be giving away a bunch of albums! Including your favorite, B…B..B…..BIG BANG! We’ll be handing out an Alive album as well as official poster!

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Yo to all you VIP’s!

We’re starting a Kpop show on youtube and to promote our channel we’ll be giving away a bunch of albums! Including your favorite, B…B..B…..BIG BANG! We’ll be handing out an Alive album as well as official poster!

Reblog our giveaway post or check out our introduction video for details on how to win!

G-Dragon is not a drag, not a second Lady Gaga or a Daphne Guiness. Other idols can fall under this label, but he is the perfect embodiment of the triumphant androgyne. His cat’s eyes, his slender silhouette which naturally fits women’s clothes, and his brat voice effortlessly places him at the gender crossroads.
—  bigbangupdates publishing an English translation of a blog article about G-Dragon on France’s L'Express: