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Let me think... How about Keyleth catching Percy amid dozens of sketches in his workshop feverishly trying to figure out something for Vex but nothing strikes him as good enough ;)

Keyleth had been trying to give Percy his space since his death, figuring that he probably didn’t want to be pestered with questions about his wellbeing.  The man valued his alone time. 

There was also the rather awkward matter of Vex, who they all knew had rather dramatically declared her love to him, all except Percy himself. Keyleth didn’t want to pressure anyone, but at the same time, they weren’t getting any younger and death always seemed right around the corner.  There were few things she wanted more than to see her best friend find a little happiness for once, which Vex likewise deserved.

All of that being said, Keyleth felt it was time to look in on the man.  He had spent the last few days in his workshop, only coming out for urgent matters, which often meant that he was having emotions that he didn’t want people to see.  Because he was a broody nobleman.

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Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 31!

AKA, One of the best action sequences I’ve ever experienced in my entire goddamn life, holy FUCK Sam Riegel!!!

    • We tune back into Critical Role this week, right after Scanlan Shorthalt turned into a motherfucking triceratops and crashed through the top of the door to Duke’s estate.
    • *Everyone hums the Jurassic Park theme song in unison to encourage him*
    • Honestly, to me this entire fight is a pitch-perfect illustration of Scanlan’s character: utterly bizarre, funny as fuck, but surprisingly strategic and scarily good at getting out of bad situations? Like, damn.
    • “I don’t have any fire, I don’t know why I was sent on this mission!”
      • “How did this plan happen then?!? Why did you go if you don’t have any way of starting a fire?? I said, ‘Hey, Scanlan, I should come with you!’; and you said, ‘I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP!’.” 
      • “The echoing voice in the back of your head that would be Keyleth, if she were with you.”
    • Tries to crash through a side door, only makes it 2/3rds of the way.
      • “These fucking doors!” “Your worst nemesis.”
    • “I gotta have some fun first! How often will I get to take on a whole house by myself?” Travis: “I am so in love with you right now.”
    • “They duck out of range - of the flame throwing gnome.”
    • “Duel of the fates, on a burning rooftop in the rain! Giant Goliath and a fire-breathing gnome!”
    • “I’m gonna kill everyone in this motherfucking house!!!”
    • Scanlan fucking trust falls off of the side of the mansion, into Bigby’s Hand?!?!?
    • “Don’t get handsy, Bigby!”
    • Sam ties his tie around his head lmao.
  • The entire group realising the rebellion has actually taken off, as Scanlan sees people attacking one of the zombie giants!
  • Everyone going all Dukes of Hazzard sliding over tables.
  • *Meanwhile, on the other side of town…*
    • Vax: “I’m doing my catchphrase, man, ‘Dagger, Dagger, Dagger!’”
    • I love how thematically perfect it is that Percy took a feat in magic initiate when he levelled up, because the smoky hex works so well as some kind of aid from Orthax that just lingered? So good?
    • Trinket gets a crit! RAWR!
      • Also, a HDYWTDT on a fucking vampire!
    • “You hear Percy yell, ‘Vampire!’” “Oh! Great!” *awkward silence*
    • “…Can we loot the mist?”
    • “Don’t forget to tell them about Gilmore’s first!”
    • Vax realises the remaining soldier was involved in hanging the bodies on the Sun Tree - one of which was a child - and promptly slits the guy’s throat.
      • Like, unfortunately it does mean they don’t find anything out about the spy (could they have learnt about Cassandra’s deception earlier?), but it’s exactly what Vax would do.
    • “I turn around and slam Percy against the wall, and I look him straight in the eye -” “And kiss him!”
      • Sam Riegel, already captain of the Perc’ahlia ship lol
    • “The Tyleri family jewels”
  • “Health, we need some now. Health, not just anybody. Health, you know you need someone. Health!”
  • Nightfall, and the sudden realisation that while they need to start heading towards Whitestone Castle, the Briarwoods have sent undead armies into town to push the people back. 
    • Keyleth insists on staying and helping the townsfolk, despite the fact that most of them are pretty tapped out magic wise (especially Scanlan), and only recovered some health through a short rest. 
    • It’s a really frustrating moment within Vox Machina in-game, but also perfect? Keyleth really does act as a moral compass for the group sometimes, and honestly, would the townsfolk have survived through two more zombie giants and the skeleton army? We don’t know that they would have!