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Critical Role 'Vox Machina are mostly long-distance friends who play an MMORPG' AU

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it





  • the longest skype call theyve been on lasted over five hundred hours. vex brought her phone to school and continued hosting the call like every day for almost three weeks. people would fall asleep on call. at one point zahra and kash were added to it. so was gilmore. they tried to add kima but she yelled at them. in like three on the morning at around hour 200 blurryface was blasting from percys mic. do you know how many times they sang the entirety of hsm during that time together on call? seven times. seven and a half, if you count the fact that every once in a while vax would just randomly start humming bet on it. 
  • percy bought vax and vex an xbox for their birthday. he lived in maine. they lived in california. 
  • keyleth lives in the fucking MOUNTAINS its a miracle she even has wifi access. everyones convinced shes part deer. tiberius’ parents are gone a lot bc theyre zoologists or whatever that go on expeditions. vax and vex live in a tiny house with their mother whos gone all the time working so she can pay rent. shes had grey in her hair since she was 30. percy has a lot of breakdowns do to stress and vax and vex are usually the first to help.
  • pike is fucking RUTHLESS she is SO good at pvp and is so fucking clever when they play murder on gmod an shit like HOLY FUCK. 
  • dont. mention. the strongjaws. do not. mention. the strongjaws. dont do it. please.

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Critical Role Lets players AU

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

  • you know how ah has always been dedicated to playing minecraft every week? vox machina’s game of choice is wow. its funny how creative eight people can get after playing a game for four years. grog played a gnome once and named it scanlan. scanlan blocked him on like everything for a good week.
  • keyleth has a solo channel where she plays animal crossing new leaf and a bunch of other really cute games and percy joins her every once in a while.
    “who’s that?”
    “that’s blathers! he’s an owl and he sleeps a lot and he runs the museum. he’s my favorite.”
    “theres a museum?”
    “…i’m about to change your life.”
  • keyleth also plays dangan ronpa with percy. and all i can say is. holy shit.
  • kima and allura are the most frequent guest stars and when they guest star shit’s gonna fucking die. get fucking obliterated. get fucking rekted by gal pals my guy.
  • who is gern blanston. why does he work here. why does he keep bringing candles into the office. where did he get all these candles. why is this one shaped like a skull. are those bones in his pocket why does he have bones in his pocket are they bone shaped candles why does he have bone shaped candles and why are they so realistic and why are they in his hoodie pocket.

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[[whipers]] trans Annabeth and or nonbinary Annabeth thoughts/headcanons/opinions???

oh my GodDOD

annabeth who resents her mother for making her wrong

annabeth who grew up in a house where she felt unwanted and didn’t have the vocabulary to explain, she probably never told them

annabeth who found thalia and luke and introduced herself by her new name for the first time

annabeth whose home is camp half-blood where boys and girls sleep in the same room and everyone shares bathrooms

getting a letter from her father when she’s twelve years old and being stunned to see her birth name written out again, nobody else even knows it

annabeth who wants to be the best fighter but is terrified and insecure about training to her full capacity because she’ll gain too much muscle mass

annabeth who has to look circe in the eye and hear everything she hates about herself (circe is definitely the Worst kind of terf mark my words)

annabeth who was worthy of being artemis’ next lieutenant, who has the true spirit of a huntress,

[News] 160427 INFINITE Represents K-Pop in Special Government Broadcast

Seven-member group INFINITE continues their progress in becoming genuine “national representatives” of K-pop.

On April 3, INFINITE headed the Korean-Mexican cultural exchange at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City as the K-pop representatives. They gave a hot performance which gained a lot of interest, including that of president Park Geun Hye, who also attended the event and watched.

Now, INFINITE is giving an exclusive interview to KTV on April 29. KTV is a government-run broadcast.

Having received recognition as one of the leaders in the international spread of K-pop, they’ve become the focus of this interview.

The Mexican Ambassador to Korea, Jose Luis Bernal Rodriguez, is said to have shown a lot of interest in this interview. Even the CEO of  INFINITE’s company, Woollim Entertainment, is scheduled to appear.

INFINITE will talk about their world tour and how they could feel the “hallyu storm” and strong interest in K-pop all over the world. They will also talk about the pride they feel in teaching the world about Korea through K-pop.

KTV will organize a special broadcast for INFINITE’s interview, and it will also be aired through Arirang TV for international fans to watch.

Credits: Soompi
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