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the ONLY thing you've said that's indicating you could be LGBTQ is that you wouldn't date men because it's inconvenient to you. You choose to be straight so you can benefit from privilege but claiming to be LGBTQ when it's useful to win arguments. That's worse than being legitimately heterosexual because you use your sexuality as a free pass to safe spaces but can take it off like a costume when you don't want to be oppressed anymore.

and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling anons


There are many types of magic in the world. Amongst one of the purest forms of magic is truename magic. Everything in the world has a true name, a word that encapsulates the whole of their being. Ordinary arcane magic relies on a combination of spoken word, magic ingredient and/or mystic gesture. With truename magic, one only has to vocalize, using the true words which make up the fabric of the universe. However, the truename magic is very precise, relying heavily on intonation. Pronouncing a word wrong usually means the words fizzle, but certain higher powers of the multiverse have names which are able to twist back and damage those who use them incorrectly.

Word archons are the heavenly beings tasked with holding up the sanctity of truename magic. Flying on wings of paper, these archons strike down those who pervert true names to fulfil evil purposes. They are especially studious archons and will make sure to know the true name of their hated target so that their magic will land more effectively.

Name magic is something I always found quite fascinating. It’s a fairly common fantasy trope, with magic generally being treated as using the original words of the universe. Knowing an entity’s real name is definitely one that gets used and gets mentioned a lot in occult texts. I think Ursula LeGuin’s Earthsea series is probably one of the better known examples. Voldemort from Harry Potter kinda has a similar thing going on, but that’s less that his name is inherently magic and more that he’s put charms on his own name.

I like to call word archons librariangels.

Shamefully channeling @shenanimation’s style for this. Look at their stuff, it’s neat.

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[FIC] On Your Mother’s Grave

Title: On Your Mother’s Grave
Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Grog & Keyleth

Summary:  “Been a lot of talking about moms, lately. Felt kinda left out.”

Grog and Keyleth, Vessyra and memories of a mother.


Keyleth was always real emotional. She let her feelings get to her head, all the time, good or bad. It made her Keyleth. It made her real annoying some days, but it made her Keyleth all the same.

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*Tary gets hit in the head for an ungodly amount of damage by Vax*
*freeze frame as record scratches*
Tary’s voice: yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got in this situation.
*tary crumples to the ground and starts yelling*
Tary’s voice: My name is Taryon Darrington, and this is how I became a part of Vox Machina.