161021 Myeongdong Fansign (Hyungwon Focus)
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Little oft-forgotten Percy and Vex moments I think about a lot because they hint at how much Percy absolutely adores and cares for that woman:

The little sad look of surprise and heartfelt gratitude on Percy’s tear-streaked face when Vex insists on helping him pursue the Briarwoods.

Percy flinging himself off a wall to rescue Vex from the Ziggurat.

Percy calling Vex up to the top of Greyskull Keep with him when Vorugal attacked, saying “Vex, I need you on the roof with me”.  Because the world is ending and maybe he doesn’t want to be separated from her.  Maybe he’s thinking that if they’re gonna die, he wants it be at her side, within reach, where he can shield her with his own body if necessary.

Percy turning to Vex and asking “Fight or flight?”, trusting her to decide their fate.

Percy following her without a second thought when she jumps down to the ground.

Percy physically placing himself between Vex and Grog.

Percy comforting Vex when she’s reluctant to leave Greyskull Keep.

Percy trying to hurry to save Vex at the Gilded Run (only to faceplant into the water himself).

Percy mocking Saundor to cheer Vex up.


Kim jongin cant keep his hands to himself when bae is near…