What makes people think it’s okay to send this beautiful, sweet, creative, bubbly, welcoming, fabulous woman hate?
What in your damn minds think that’s okay?
Yes, spoilers have gotten out. Yes, it’s okay to discuss them with people who already know as well. Yes it’s okay to be happy, or mad, or excited, or sad about them.
But it will NEVER be okay to send her hate for how she is writing her own books. EVER.
I took those pictures above when I met her. And honestly? I was a believe that human beings couldn’t be perfect, there were too many definitions.
But you know what?
Sarah was, and is.
Hearing about all the hate she is receiving makes me want to cry. It makes me want to stomp up to Sarah and give her a BIG-ass hug. Because THATS what she deserves, not hate.
Sarah had written these books for entertainment. Our entertainment, and to have Aelins story told.
However, she did NOT write it for people to send hate to her.
So let me tell you something, a message to ALL the haters that are sending SJM hate.
You can shove your hateful words up your ass. Go take your hate somewhere else. @sjmaas Send her all the love you give.