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Today the Department of Awesome Snowflake Photography is examining some exquisite snowflakes that didn’t fall from the sky, but were instead grown in a lab at Caltech by physicist Ken Libbrecht

It’s well known that no two snowflakes are exactly alike and Libbrecht is working hard to figure out why that is.

“In order to do so, he watches the frosty crystals condense from water vapor onto a sapphire substrate, all the while taking high-res images with a digital camera rigged up to a microscope. Over the years, Libbrecht has amassed a brilliant photographic collection, not to mention the distinct honor of being the world’s first designer snowflake artist.”

Prints of his snowflake microphotography are available here. Also, along with his wife Rachel Wing, Libbrecht recently published a book about the science, history, and anecdotes about snowflakes entitled The Snowflake: Winter’s Frozen Artistry [Buy on Amazon].

To learn more about Libbrecht’s snowflake research and view more of his gorgeous lab-grown snowflakes visit his Snow Crystals website.

[via Gizmodo]