I love the blue streaks and that now her hair is in one big braid and lots of little braids and all the beads and gemstones and S T U F F just IN THERE. Also Ashley said Pike has super long hair so I’m just gonna run with that to Timbuktu because long hair is LIFE.

I’m not super sold on her lil brooch design though so plz just Don’t Mind That I’ll probably change it later. 

POR v CHI Summary


  • Plays better
  • Creates more opportunities
  • Plays all over the field
  • Makes plays and passes left and right
  • Has a PK that’s not called
  • Is on full attacking mode
  • Still defends and gets the ball back
  • JJ-Huerta-Press connection working


  • Does nothing
  • We’re in PDX though

Result: Portland wins.