“I’m a mirror… If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you, and the exchange starts. What you see is what you reflect. If you don’t like what you see, then you’ve done something. If I’m standoffish, that’s because you are.”

Jay-Z, photographed for BestLife magazine by Nino Munoz in December 2008.

In the corresponding interview the magazine estimated his net-worth as $350 million. Explaining his route to success, Hov outlined the six rules he follows in life:
#1: Be Your Own Biggest Fan
#2: Take Control, Then Let It Go
#3: Focus on The Process, Not The Result
#4: Never Act On Your Fears
#5: Use Money The Right Way
#6: Don’t Stop Growing

Our Official Body Language Translator says: “Pop quiz, hotshot: You’ve  heard rumors that Keanu is an ageless being; “The One” who moves throughout time (#keanupartasiandontcrack), so you know he’s spent centuries learning how to seducing women with just an eyebrow raise and a flex. He just walked into the bar you’re in, and a few minutes later your girlfriend’s nervously giggling to him about her ‘Speed’ fantasy of making out with him in a derailed train car, wanting to be excellent to her. You interrupt and ask her if she wants a drink, and you get shut out like an ersatz quarterback at the end of The Replacements. What do you do?”