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Look at this. Everybody look at this.

ARE YOU GUYS HAPPY WITH YOURSELF YET? I’m talking to you fantaken photo editors. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?

I’m just so angry and disappointed right now to have proper words be written onto here. Everything from here on is not going to be written in my proper state of mind, so just a warning if I seem very crazy.

Fansites sharing photos are a privilege to all us international fans. It’s not something that we deserve to have, IT’S A PRIVILEGE. Do you guys not understand what privilege means?

priv·i·lege /ˈpriv(ə)lij/ Noun

A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.

If you can’t understand it even now, then you need to get some English lessons.

We are blessed with kind people who are willing to go to hell and back just to give us glorious photos of our oppars. We are blessed that because of these people, we can actually see recent photos of our oppars that are not from the news or music shows, which updates around once per era.

I don’t think you group of fantaken photo editors realize how lucky everyone is. These fansite admins are going through hell to get beautiful photos to share, and then they upload it and find that it’s been edited, and to add onto it, in some cases they are badly edited.

In this case, why should they even share? Why don’t you all just go to Seoul, Korea yourselves and take pictures of oppar? They have the right to just keep the photos they take to themselves and to not share. Do you guys realize that fact?

Also, can you people not read when it says “please do not edit”? Can you people not understand “do not”? Can you people not realize that you can’t get what you want, you can’t just fucking say “we deserve to see photos of oppar”, you can’t just assume that nobody cares if it’s an edited fantaken photo. Can you not realize that if all the fansites close down, you have no choice but to sit there like a damn rock and have no updates on your oppars anymore? Can you not realize that without fansites, it’s basically impossible to be a fan because you’ll rarely get the updates?

Open up your blind eyes, everyone. Get an eye surgery if you need a new pair of eyes so you can see properly. Without these fansites, 50% of fangirling is basically gone. G O N E.

Yet you don’t respect them. You just go ahead and edit it, crop out their logos, and make the photo look uglier after the admin has worked hard to make it as pretty as possible.

When the day comes that every single fansite shuts down, I will sit here and laugh at all your crying asses as you all cry over it for the reason of no more photos to edit. I’ll be crying over the fact that we lost all the kind people because of a bunch of imbeciles who cannot respect people, read, and follow simple rules. I’ll be crying over the fact that we cannot behave properly to show that we are mature enough to be in a fandom in the first place.

I’m just done right now. You fantaken photo editors disgust me to no end. First it was finite-in-net, then Lolly Poly, then Baby’s On Fire (not sure if theirs was due to photo editors but I’m sure they’re pissed off about it too because I’ve seen their photos edited on Tumblr), and now wansoL.

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