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[From. YOONA] 1 second~ 2 seconds~ 3 seconds~~

It’s Yoona~~

I was nervous because yesterday Love Rain’s first episode was broadcast but I watched it together with SONEs so I enjoyed it~~^^

Please look forward to Love Rain~

1 second…

2 seconds……

3 seconds…………


The True Kim Taeyeon

At Music Bank one of the backup dancers was too close to the exploding firecrackers and fell over. She wasn’t injured, but rather surprised. As soon as the cameras turned off TTS quickly ran to her and asked if she was okay. It looked like they were half sorry and half worried.

At Inkigayo Taeyeon learned that firecrackers were going to be used during the second pre-recording. After asking the staff members about the details, she explained to each and every backup dancer the exact times and whereabouts the firecrackers were going to explode.

This occasion reminds me of the rookie Kim Taeyeon who cried watching staff members eat on the floor.