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guys…. it’s about 1:30 am and i’m here re-watching oso-san, i’m on ep 2 as u can see!! i’m glad i’m watching this scene again because it goes quick so it’s hard to really catch what’s happening frame by frame, which is a lot!!! 

firstly kara looks so scared like ichi did not hesitate to pounce on and intimidate him?? like karamatsu is shook!! his sunglasses flew off & he actually started tearing up AGAIN???cause you know this isn’t the first time where ichimatsu grabbed kara like that and made him tear up !!! idk i find this to be hilarious 

remember the ichimatsu incident??? 

So i made this edit and that’s my new lock screen and I had my phone on the table in school today and without knowing who he was some of my friends were like “oh my god who is that he looks so awesome- do you have a bf?” and one of my besties went like “Guys.. if you knew her a little bit better you’d immediately guess that it is Johnny Depp” and then they went like “oh my god he looks so good that can’t be Johnny Depp! He looks so handsome!”

And I just thought “well well… you guys no nothing- he doesn’t just look good but I was kind of proud to show them that the media is so wrong!

taehyungs long hair 


precious jongdae ft. eye contact ♡