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[Fanaccounts] 141222 The Lost Planet in Osaka Day 1 - Suho
  • Suho: “Kai says the tone I speak in sounds like a teacher.
    Kai: "There’s no way there’s a teacher this handsome”
  • During ending ment, because Tao spoke a lot and took really long, perhaps Kai got bored7tired, he walked behind Suho & lean on the back of Suho’s head, bury in his back.
  • A Japanese fan made a fan that has a maths question and showed it when exo were doing their ment. Suho saw it and kep gesturing the answer to herㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Others around her also saw Suho kept answering “4”.

  • Suho said that he’s learning japanese. He said “aueeio~ kakikukeko~ sashisuseo~ tachitsuteto~” the tone was sounds like a rap, so Baekhyun said “yo* come on*” and then Chanyeol joined it by doing a beat box haha but Suho turned out shy. // You can listen to what Suho said here >
  • Baekhyun: Japan animation~
    Suho: Naruto Naruto
    Baekhyun: One Piece! Gomu Gomuya~~~~~
  • Suho: (to Chen) did you prepared much today? Chen: yes (in japannese)
  • Today, Suho’s solo is after History performance and he wear Machine outfit.
  • When the end of overdose, Tao made a body-turn, Suho asked him if his waist is okay.

  • Suho said that Kai looks like a teacher when he was introducing himself.

  • When Lucky ended, Suho kissed Tao’s cheek.
  • During Lucky, Suho called T A O! T A O to comfort Tao.
  • Suho: since yesterday Tao practiced to do turn over but failed. He wants to show you all his cool side but he feel sad cause he cant do it. He was depressed. Please support him~
    Fans: T.A.O!
    Tao: (sobs) I’m sorry
    Tao cried TT

  • It was not easy to learn japanese for Suho and a few members, Kyungsoo said “learn before you speak then”
  • Chanyeol and Kyungsoo hit Suho’s butt at the same time then ran away

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150417 EXO-L Japan Fanclub Event - Suho’s Hula Hoop


[Fanaccounts] 141223 The Lost Planet in Osaka Day 2 - Suho
  • During ment, Suho said christmas gift but the ‘seon’ part sounds a bit higher. The members mimicked him.
  • Suho: How do you feel today, Sehun?
    Sehun: Always be here together.
    Suho: Sehun-ssi how are you……
    Sehun: Always be here together!

  • Fans took selca with Suho during his solo performace.
  • Suho: D.O-ssi, please end
    D.O: end…
    Chanyeol: please say something
    D.O: lalaluluoeo
    EXO: D.O has high tension before christmas

  • During his solo, Suho give out rose to a fan who hold a lizardon pikachu doll. 

  • During cushion battle, Suho hugged Chanyeol. Kai whi watched them start to hit Chanyeol. Chanyeol released Suho hurriedly. He said jealous Kai is no joke.

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Translation cr: SuChen_ism