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My friend and I found a video camera. We shouldn't have watched what was on it - (r/nosleep)

My friend’s dad is a homicide detective. He keeps certain files locked up in his home office. But he was out of town for the week, and my friend and I found some interesting things. It wasn’t anything we didn’t really expect. At least at first. Then we found the video camera. We were both confused, because shouldn’t a video camera be locked up somewhere as evidence? Why did her dad have it? Curiosity got the best of us. We charged the thing, and here’s what we saw:

Timestamp: 6/17/11 17:24:56

[A boy is sitting in front of the camera. He is approximately 13 or 14. His eyes are wide and constantly flicking about. The expression on his face is hard to place.]

“Mom gave me this camera a couple of days ago, when dad got sick. She said it was to ‘distract me’. I don’t know what that means. …Well, maybe I do.”

[He pauses for a long moment, visibly mulling over his next words.]

“She doesn’t want me to question why she hasn’t taken Dad to the doctor. I think she’s scared the doctors will make them stop their experiments. They dissect animals for some reason. I don’t know why. They won’t tell me. But I think that got my dad sick and mom doesn’t want me squealing to the doctors. But I’m not going to squeal. I just hope he gets better.”

Timestamp: 6/19/11 20:47:13

[The boy looks exhausted, like he hasn’t slept since the last recording.]

“My dad isn’t getting better. He looks like a zombie from a movie. And he sleeps all the time. He gets angry and yells if I wake him up, and it’s freaking scary. He never yells–he death glares you if you piss him off, but he doesn’t yell. But he called me an ‘ingrateful, worthless little shit’ today because I brought him dinner and accidentally woke him up.”

[The boy bites his lip, then leans forward so he’s closer to the camera. His voice drops to a whisper.]

“I want to tell someone, but I’m afraid of what he and Mom will do to me if I tell. I’m so stuck. What do I do?”

[He looks helpless, and shakes his head weakly before he leans forward and shuts off the camera.]

Timestamp: 6/22/11 3:09:38

[The boy is crying. His sniffles sound staticy through the camera’s audio. He wipes at his eyes constantly in a futile attempt to hide his tears.]

“He’s dead. Mom came in my room a couple of hours ago, made me pause Call of Duty, and she told me. He died. My Dad is dead. And it’s all her fault for not getting him a doctor. I didn’t even get to say goodbye because she didn’t let me go into his room today. He’s gone.”

[He dissolves into soft sobs, his body shaking. The next words are barely audible.]

“I hope she burns in hell.”

Timestamp: 6/23/11 14:01:57

[The boy is outside, sitting in a swing.]

“I’m at my mom’s friend’s house. My mom told me I needed to stay here while she ‘sorted things out’. Mom’s friend Susan hasn’t mentioned Dad, so I think Mom didn’t tell her.”

[He fights a yawn, and the rings beneath his eyes are clearly visible.]

“Mom threatened me on the way here. If I mention anything that has been going on to Susan or my friends or the police or anyone…she said she would dissect me like one of the dogs I’ve seen her catch around the neighborhood to experiment on. I wouldn’t believe her, but she had these fucking crazy eyes. I’m scared, honestly. And so confused.”

[He opens and closes his mouth a few times, as though trying to find more words to say. Eventually he gives up and just turns off the camera.]

Timestamp: 6/25/11 22:23:17

[It’s dark except for a TV. The boy’s face is hardly visible. His hair is no longer spiked as it has been the past several videos and it falls in his face.]

“Something weird is going on. I’ve been hearing noises at night. Footsteps and stuff. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems too real. I hear it downstairs around the same time every night. I want to check it out, but I’m nervous. Maybe it’s Mom, and she’ll stab me for being out of bed or something. I don’t know. She’s been freaking me out.”

[He wipes a hand across his face tiredly. He no longer looks like a young teenager. Instead, he looks like he’s in his 20’s or 30’s.]

“I can hear it now actually. I don’t think the video camera will pick it up. I’m going to try though.”

[He stops talking, puts the TV on mute, and sits in silence. For a moment, there is no noise. Then, very faintly, a thumping noise sounds from somewhere far off. It wouldn’t be noticeable if one wasn’t listening for it.]

“I don’t know if that worked. But it’s there. I’m going to go investigate. Tomorrow, though. When I’m better prepared. Goodnight.”

Timestamp: 6/26/11 23:16:48

[The boy has the night mode turned on the video camera. His face is made green by the nightvision. He appears to be in a hallway. His voice is a whisper so quiet we had to turn the video up to full volume to hear.]

“Mom is asleep. I have a baseball bat. I’m going to go investigate these noises. Because I know I’m not hearing things. They’re coming from the basement, I know it.”

[He turns the camera towards the stairs, and walks quietly down them. He then walks into the empty living room and pauses. His breathing is audible, as well as the same thumping noises from the previous video.

The camera pans to a large wooden door. It locks from the outside. The boy’s breathing hitches, but he turns the lock and opens the door. The thumping noises become louder, and shuffling and grunting noises are heard.

The boy walks quietly down the stairs.]


[Shuffling continues. Something flashes in the corner of the camera. The boy points the camera towards it, and a man becomes visible, naked and chained to the wall. His eyes glow in the green hue of the camera. The boy cries out.]

“Dad? Dad, are you okay?”

[The dad snarls. The boy walks closer, powered by shock and not realizing stupidity. He is just a few feet away, and it’s obvious the man is covered in stains. Lumps litter the floor around him. Meat. A dog carcass is barely visible in a corner, mostly picked clean.]


[The boy sounds terrified. He knows it’s his father, but he also knows it’s not anymore. He starts to back away, and the man lunges.

The camera clatters to the floor. Only the corner with the dog carcass is visible. There are screams of ‘dad! No! Daddy please!’ and the sounds of a scuffle. Soon the words turn to simple noises, then gargles, then silence except for the sounds of chewing.

A few moments later, hurried footsteps are heard. A woman lets out a horrified gasp. The camera is picked up, and the film ends.]

After sitting in horrified silence for a few minutes, we searched for more information on what the fuck we had just seen. We found a few papers in a file. The father, Robert Dandral, was found dead in the basement of the home. The cause of death was determined to be a severe, untreated case of rabies. The body of his 13-year-old son, Tyler Dandral, were also found. Not much of him besides bones remained, and a cause of death could not be determined. The mother, Heather Dandral, disappeared and has not yet been found.


written by elianaredfield

“I was in Chicago and I had just come from a gallery showing about global warming and I was feeling pretty upset about it. On my way home I was approached by a fundraiser downtown who was trying to get me to sponsor a child. This particular man had approached me before and he was somewhat self-righteous and not very sensitive. I support a couple of those kinds of organizations, but I can’t afford to sponsor all of them. He was sort of shaming me into feeling guilty that I wasn’t putting my money where my mouth was to sponsor this cause. I started to tear up and I think he thought that I was crying because of the children. But I was crying because of so many things that were going on in my head at the time. I felt really misunderstood because I’ve saved other people’s lives before, just not by sending money overseas, but in my own life.”
“Tell me about that.”
“I saved my father’s life when I was really young–about 11. We were on a rafting outing which was something we did often, and we reached a point in the river that was deep and swift and we got caught on a rock. He was caught under the raft in the current and couldn’t get up. It’s a common way for people to drown. I heard him scream and I could see that he feared death. It was strange for me to see my father that way at such a young age. I pulled him up into the raft, which was difficult for me to do because I was so small pulling up the weight of my father. We don’t really talk about it.”


She wanted to talk of something deep, something she felt.
He replied: lets talk of fishes, they live in the deep of the ocean.
Then, thats what he gave her, a fish that came out of his deepest.

She took that fish and hugged it, while her heart beated rapidly, like a little mouse heart

subcutaneouscutie  asked:

One time I was walking back to my dorm at about 2 AM my freshman year of college. A car full of men drove by me, shouting lude things. I ignored them. Then they whipped their car around, pulled up on to the sidewalk beside me, opened all their driver's side doors, and tried to grab me and drag me into their car. I screamed, fought free, and ran the remaining block to my dorm as fast as I could. I have no idea who they were. I never walk alone now.

Oh wow thats so scary

Soooo…I’m bored and feel like sharing a story.   When I was in 4th grade I was over a friend’s house riding bikes.  I flipped over the handlebars and landed directly on my face going down a pretty big hill.  Knocked out one of my front teeth and I’ve had to wear a crown ever since.  Fast forward to today.  I literally spent 10 hours setting up the kids computer desks and tv’s that they got for Christmas.  10.  Fucking.  Hours.  It involved some good old fashioned fatherly yelling at how big of a shithole their rooms were because I could barely maneuver to set everything up, rearrange, clean, etc.etc.  Anywho……so I take a shower, kids go to bed, wife’s sick so she’s out…got the living room to myself.  HOLY FUCKING CHRIST…it’s a miracle.  Got Spring Breakers loaded up on bluray…some ritz crackers and a jar of peanut butter, and a Pabst Blue Ribbon.  I go to take the first sip of my delicious, well deserved beer and……somehow tap my previously mentioned front tooth just right and snap it right out of my face.  Ohhhhhhh….2013……you so crazy! 

ok so i really like your blog and i thought i’d share what’s going on in my house right now. it’s really long and i’m sorry but i promise this is 100% real.
so i recently moved into a new, very large house. it was extremely cheap. we were suspicious but needed the room with 4 kids. we learn it used to be a mental home and people have died here. there was also a large fire. it’s in the middle of nowhere so it gets pretty creepy. it was fine for about a year and then things started happening. it started small, with pacing. constant pacing. for HOURS. i’d be on the first floor and i could hear someone pacing in my dad’s room while i was home alone. i would ignore it. next came whispering. while, again, i was home alone, something would whisper to me. i could never hear what it was saying but it happened pretty often. then more serious things started happening. i was standing near a bookshelf talking to my friend sitting on the couch. a picture frame on the bookshelf comes FLYING from the bookshelf and hits me on the head. now, there’s no possible way it could have just fallen out. 1) there was no movement to make it fall. 2) there was stuff in front of the picture frame that would have fallen if it did fall out. so how the fuck did it hit me? one morning, i woke up with a scratch along my whole thigh. my sheets were bloody and my leg was crusty from blood. i have no idea how this happened. another time, i was sitting on the couch and heard a crash. i walked to the kitchen and found a glass broken. the only thing is, it was across the room from the glass cabinet. it was like someone threw it. the faucets turn on by themselves, too. not just water, but the handles physically moving to turn on. the scariest thing to me is this: my little sisters are 4 years old. you can tell a 4 year old’s drawing style from an 8 year old’s or an adult’s, right? okay. so i’m sitting with them as they draw and i find a picture. it’s drawn by, clearly not a 4 year old. but it’s not good enough to be drawn by an adult trying to mimic a child. the picture depicts 2 little girls holding an older girl’s hand. in that moment i realized why all the activity is happening to me. the thing in my house, or one of them, is after me because it wants my sisters, and i am basically their mother due to my mom not being around. i asked a girl from my school to come over, secretly hoping she’d feel something, too. she’s hyper-religious, right? she STEPS IN to my house and she almost started crying. she ran to the corner, got on her knees, and started praying. she told me we have a demon in here, for sure. i then told her everything and she asked to leave.
everyone wants to play the midnight game here, or have a seance, or play with a ouija board but i refuse. i will not let anything more into this house.


F a r e w e l l   2013!

Sum up of retirements in 2013

1. geiko Mameharu of Tama okiya (Gion Kobu)

2. geiko Ayano of Fukushima okiya (Gion Kobu)

3. geiko Taneju of Takayoshi okiya (Miyagawacho)

4. geiko Ichiwaka of Nakagishi okiya (Gion Kobu)

5. maiko Satoryu of Nakasato okiya (Kamishichiken)

6. maiko Kanoka of Kanoya okiya (Gion Higashi)

7. maiko Fukusato of Ishihatsu okiya (Miyagawacho)

8. maiko Takahina of Kaida okiya (Gion Kobu)

9. maiko Mamechika of Tama okiya (Gion Kobu)

10 & 11. maiko Toshiyui of Komaya okiya (Miyagawacho)
              maiko Toshiteru of Komaya okiya (Miyagawacho)