cr: special baby

💫My son is so special. He’s been super alert since the day he was born 👀. Alert & curious. I’ve been able to talk to him and have him totally watch me & follow my movement. He was only a week and half when I was talking to him and he would coo back. 💕💙 Isaiah has been smart, loving, & super attached. He may have just arrived almost 4 weeks ago but he’s super sensitive to environments, sounds, people, energies ✨. And it’s like he chose me for a reason & I am so excited to be his mama & to raise him to be compassionate, empathetic, aware, & honest. 💞 Dario & I are so in love 👪

One of my favorite new shows this season is Cuckoo starring Andy Samberg. Although the season was only six episodes, the BBC Three sitcom was brilliant from start to finish. I have never watched many British TV series but anything with Samberg is worth a try in my experience.

Cuckoo is centered around the Thompson family who reside in the Midlands. Ken (Greg Davies) and Lorna (Helen Baxendale) never expected their daughter, Rachel (Tamla Kari), to return from her gap year married. But when an eccentric, American hippie named Cuckoo moves into their home, they find their life plans are going to be slightly altered. 

I immediately fell in love with Samberg’s portrayal of a new-age dreamer. He absolutely nails every scene. Ken (Davies) is another one of my favorite characters; his giant heart is surrounded by an even bigger body. There are many times when I have had the urge to hug his adorable bear-like being. Some of my favorite scenes in the series were seeing Ken let loose. The chemistry between the two lead actors is visible on-screen. 

I highly suggest giving the series a watch, each week the show noticeably improves. The writing is outstanding and provides multiple laughs through out every episode. Although the series has not been renewed for a second season, I have high hopes that it will.