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aertica  asked:


lol such typical ones


  • most played song on my ipod: my iTunes restarted, so now it’s BLUE. (used to be LaLaLa)
  • favourite song: HaruHaru
  • favourite album: 3rd mini
  • favourite member: gd gd baby baby 
  • member that seduces me: TOP. :(( 
  • member that screws up my bias list: TOP. lol. 
  • best singer: Daesung and his heavenly voice
  • best dancer: Seungri.
  • best rapper: I personally prefer TOP’s rapping over GD’s.
  • otp: G-RI/GTOP/GDYB. cant choose


  • most played song on my ipod: TRICK. (it used to be RDR with 1543x lol ^^)
  • favourite song: Run Devil Run is so gooood. I think TIME MACHINE is also my fave.
  • favourite album: 1st Japanese album > everything.
  • favourite member: Tiffany 
  • member that seduces me: Yuri :( 
  • member that screws up my bias list: it depends, but recently it’s been Yuri >_>
  • best singer: Taeyeon
  • best dancer: Hyo
  • best rapper: this group has no rappers so I would appreciate it if they stop with the rapping omg, :( 
  • otp: Jeti but I’ve opened up to Yoonsic too