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the soumako fic rec list!

SO. figured it was high time someone did one of these. i’ve been shipping soumako pretty much since the beginning, back when the tag only had a few offerings. i’ve seen and read a lot of fic, and i decided i wanted to put together a list of what i consider to be some of the best the ao3 tag has to offer. 

this is by no means comprehensive nor exhaustive, but i like to think it’ll be a good place to start for anyone looking to get into the ship’s best. c:

this should update periodically as more fic is written; as of now it’s ao3-only, but we’ll see what happens in the future! 

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So I know that some iPhone users are having more trouble downloading Superstar SMTOWN because the process is so complicated. But I finally figured it out, so I’ll share how I did it, step by step!


  • Go to Settings and then iTunes and App Store.
  • Tap on your Apple ID (should be blue), then View Your Apple ID and type in your password.
  • Go to Country/Region.
  • You may get a notice that you cannot change your country because you still have some balance on your account. You’ll need to spend all of it before changing your country. If not, go ahead and change the country to South Korea (it’ll be in Hangul at the bottom).


  • Buy some apps. When you have a random amount where you can’t buy anymore apps because app prices are stupid then you’ll have to add a credit card to your account if you haven’t already. To do this:
  • Go to the Featured tab in the App Store and scroll to the bottom.
  • Tap on your Apple ID and then View Your Apple ID.
  • Go to Payment information and put in your card’s information.
  • Buy one more app - it’ll empty out your balance and use your card to pay the rest.
  • Go back to Settings → iTunes and App Store and change the country to South Korea.


  • Go back to View Your Apple ID in the app store.
  • Go to Country/Region and change it to South Korea (yes you have to do it again do you see how complicated and stupid this is yet).
  • Go back to Payment Information 
  • Go to google and search for any Korean hotel, and then put in the address for the billing address (you can type it in English).


  • Go to the App Store and then Search.
  • Type in “superstar smtown”
  • Download the app! Let the addiction take over dun dun dun


  • You can change your address and region back once you’ve definitely downloaded the game, I’ve tested it out because I had to get the Nook app which is not available in Korea, go figure. 
  • I would make sure to make an official account on Superstar to save your progress in case something goes wrong and you have to download the game again, which would require repeating this process. It’s free but when you first start the game you’re still a guest user. To make your account just tap on your username at the top left. Takes like five seconds I promise!
  • The app updates itself whenever you start the game so I don’t believe there’s any reason to go through the app store again once you have the app.
  • Be careful playing this while using data!!! It uses up so much data and battery life.