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Najung: The earth will have perished. The mountain collapses, the land rises and the sea splits. Beast or men, they all died. The only people left are me, you and Yoojin. Only the three of us. You have to get married, have a child, and have to propagate our species. Is it me or Yoojin? Choose. who? Is it me or Yoojin?

Oppa: Of course….it’s you, Najung. To me, is there anyone other than you? 


It makes me kinda sad how my brother never brings me nice things like yesterday he brought home macarons and I got all excited and was like “OMG MACARO-” except he didn’t even let me finish my sentence and said “they’re for someone else”
Meanwhile he brings me home ugly shiet like half eaten sandwiches and the flu

The song I usually practiced on the guitar was ‘Count on Me’. This song’s lyrics talked about, ‘I’ll hold onto your hand~’, and I think that I can express my feelings with this song when I’m walking down the street with my special person and this song turns on without my fingers curling.
—  Kim Sunggyu in Naver Music Interview on the topic of Bruno Mars | trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates
[Preorder] Oppaya's 1st DVD: Love your everything (Sungmin): 570k & Khăn

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Chi tiết: DVD từ Sungmin’s fansite Oppaya: Love your everything

* Nội dung: Hoạt động từ vol 1 đến vol 5 / cuts từ các chương trình / các video chưa công bố

* Thời lượng: 2 tiếng 30 phút ~ 3 tiếng (2 DVD)

* Tặng kèm: Lịch mini 2012 gồm những tấm ảnh Sungmin do Oppaya chụp (12cm*12cm, 13 trang cả bìa)

* Giá: 570k

> Khăn <Sungmin Oppa ya>

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* Giá: 130k

Không bán rời mà chỉ bán kèm DVD. Set DVD + khăn = 700k


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