cr: oh taeny

I just noticed something....

Well this is about TaeNy.

Have you seen their recent pictures? Tiffany was like at the airport and with her is a fluffy unicorn from Despicable Me. And in Taeyeon’s recent selca was, she’s posing with the Ginger Bread Man. As far as I can remember there was this video wherein Tiffany said about ‘Ginger Bread Man’. And there’s a picture of Taeyeon hugging a human-size Teddy Bear saying “Oh My God! It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!”, and you know where that line came from? Yes. That’s from Despicable Me. And Yes, the 'fluffy’ thing that Agnes (The one who said the line) was a unicorn. The same, as in identical, with the fluffy Unicorn that Tiffany has. 

I don’t know. Maybe coincidence…… Or not.